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About Us

Mania.com is the interweb's top destination for fans of movies, TV, comic books, anime, horror, science fiction, fantasy and other aspects of what we refer to as "genre entertainment."

Call us nerds if you like, but our readers (fondly known as "Maniacs") are the types of passionate and influential fans that can get a new series cancelled if it pisses them off, just as they might get an old one resurrected.

Our focus is breaking news, feature articles and insightful commentary that stir debate and discussion within our loyal community. We cover productions in development (what's Spielberg up to?), while taking the occasional stroll down memory lane with a Star Wars or J.R.R. Tolkien retrospective.

Of the 100 all-time highest grossing films according to IMDB, 80 could be classified as sci-fi, fantasy or horror, accounting for more than $50 Billion in box office receipts—this massive collection of consumers is our audience.

Largely male, between 18-49, Maniacs are educated, pop-culture mavens who seamlessly move from Night of the Living Dead to the Boston Celtics in everyday conversation.

They come to the site in droves to consume authoritative, informative and entertaining content, tailored for their tastes by a team of professional fanboys (AKA Mania's writers).

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