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About Wolverine

By Chad Derdowski     -
Source: Marvel.com


Wolverine is one of the most popular fictional characters in comic books, film and animation today. Appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics, Wolverine has been a longtime member of the X-Men as well as an Avenger and a solo adventurer. He is known for his diminutive size, irascible attitude and the razor-sharp adamantium claws that protrude from his hands.


Born as James Howlett, the son of wealthy Canadian landowners in the late 1880s, the boy who would eventually become Wolverine was a pampered child of poor health. Upon manifesting his mutant abilities for the first time, James was cast out by his family to the Canadian wilds where he suffered much mental anguish, heartbreak and memory loss, eventually becoming a member of the Canadian government's Weapon X program where the indestructible metal adamantium was bonded to his skeleton and claws.


Wolverine has been subject to memory loss and brainwashing over the years, rendering all of his memories suspect. He is believed to have lived in the Canadian Rockies around the turn of the century and ended up in the service of the Canadian Army during World War I. After the war, he spent time traveling, and in Madripoor he became the co-owner of a bar and at some point adopted the name of Logan. He was apparently involved in a number of adventures over the years, including seeing action in the Spanish Civil War as well as fighting alongside Captain America in World War II.
Following World War II, Logan found himself in Japan, a country for which he would develop a lifelong love. He eventually returned to a life of freelance intelligence work and soon found himself working for the Canadian government's Weapon X program, where he underwent brainwashing and memory implantation as well as his skeletal adaptation. It was during his tenure with Weapon X that Wolverine first encountered the Incredible Hulk, who had ventured into the Canadian wilderness.
Leaving the Weapon X program, Wolverine joined Professor Charles Xavier's X-Men and has been a member of the team ever since. During his time spent with the X-Men, Wolverine has gone from being an antisocial loner to adopting the X-Men as his family after having served with them during many adventures. In more recent years, Wolverine has also been a member of the Avengers.


Wolverine possesses the ability to heal injured tissue at an extraordinary rate. This healing factor also makes him immune to most drugs and poisons and has provided him with an extended lifespan. He has far greater endurance and agility than the average human, as well as enhanced reflexes. In addition, Wolverine's senses are superhumanly accurate, providing him with enhanced hearing, vision and smell. These abilities have made him an excellent tracker.
Wolverine's skeleton possesses six retractable one-foot claws that are housed in his forearms and extend through the backs of his hands through force of will. These claws are exceptionally hard and can cut through most flesh and natural material.
Wolverine has had extensive training as a spy and in virtually every fighting style known on earth. He is proficient in the use of a number of weapons, vehicles and assassination techniques and is fluent in Japanese, Russian, Chinese and several other languages.


Wolverine's skeleton, including his claws, have been bonded with the indestructible metal adamantium. This has made his claws able to cut through nearly any substance and renders his bones unbreakable.

Comic and Film Appearances

Wolverine was created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. and was first depicted in a comic book by Herb Trimpe. His first appearance was a cameo in Incredible Hulk #180 (1974), and his first full appearance was in the following issue.
Wolverine has appeared in nearly every animated incarnation of the X-Men and was portrayed by Australian actor Hugh Jackman in the 2000 live-action "X-Men" film and its two sequels as well as in a "Wolverine" solo movie in 2009.


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