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vagabondster 9/24/2013 6:57:00 PM

 just gave some thought to whod make a good 7'3 actor..first bame that popped in my mind wax Shaq. Must think harder....shaq was a poor actor. ..

ztigr 9/24/2013 7:17:11 PM

 IV through VI had both ground breaking SFX, an entire genre, and good stories.  The prequels had the following problems the SFX weren't awe inspiring, and the CGI was annoying a lot of the time, because it didn't have great texture.  The characters were all weak from JAR JAR to the emperor.  Bad dialog, and bad acting.  The CGI Yoda was the strongest character in the films.   Darth Maul had a lot of potential, but unfortunately Lucas killed him off way too early.  Frankly I don't understand why Count Dooku couldn't have been re-written as Darth Maul all the way through.  Bad story and Bad acting really hurt EP 1.  Bad CGI hurt 2, cartoons don't bring out the emotion in me I'm afraid.  EP III was okay, but suffered from pre-determination of what was going to happen.  Additionally both climatic battles were not enough about the characters and too much about the background.  Yes a Volcanic planet, and Yes Yoda jumping around on pods...how bout Yoda and the emp getting right up face to face!?  The new movies have a head start on I-III at least because they have the UNKNOWN factor going for them.




redvector 9/25/2013 7:21:02 AM

I thought all of the prequels were unnecessary like most prequel stories are. 

mlaforce 9/25/2013 7:59:29 AM

More Real? Let's start with real good dialog first in the script and then take it from there...

XeroWarp 9/25/2013 10:25:25 AM

 First, Disney/Abrams should do a total edit of the prequels including a redaction of "midichlorians" and JarJar scenes. Edit down the love story elements and try to clean up the CGI look of all 3 films.

I can totaly see Cumberbatch, as a Sith lord. If he is being considered for a role I would expect to see him on the Dark side of the force.

wish 9/28/2013 8:05:36 AM

How to make them more real?  Well, the writing has to be way better, that's the most important part of any film or tv production.  The dialogue, the story, the editing of all those elements in a way that has good flow and makes sense.  Inevitabley there will be big name actors involved, and the use of CGI, but real set pieces shot on real locations will go a long way to improve the look, especially since JJ is shooting this all on film stock.  I loved the puppets and miniature models of the past but that might be asking for too much of a regression, CGI has gotten pretty awesome at inserting inanimate objects into scenes but makeup and prosthetics will never go out of style, so maybe more aliens and creatures that are actors with crazy practical fx.

Bottom line is it has to feel fresh and exciting, JJ can do that and I hope he sets a new bar for what a Star Wars film should be!

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