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Clownican 1/25/2013 6:10:37 PM

 Oh and if Abrams is out for the next installment of Star Trek then I would love to see Brian Singer try his hand at it. I mean the first two X-men movies were pretty much TNG with Professor X lol.

Also, wanted to add that I like Abrams. MI:3 was freaking awesome and so was Super 8. I think he is a good fit for Star Wars.

Clownican 1/25/2013 6:18:37 PM

 OK one last thing........................ I hope engineering doesn't look like a brewery this time though. I mean honestly? Can we all agree that was freakin retarded? (Both old and new fans alike) I mean what was he thinking? 

violator14 1/25/2013 6:37:54 PM

 Man, seriously tho, some of u guys take this stuff way too serious sometimes. We should just all be happy and rejoice in the fact that were getting a new STAR WARS flick in our lifetimes. Disney is a very smart franchise and almost always delivers on their quality. They will not risk fukking this up no way no how.  The Billionaire mouse is in charge of this, not JJ. May the Force be with you all.

axia777 1/25/2013 6:41:18 PM

 J.J. Abrams Will Still Produce a Third Star Trek Film

After yesterday's surprise announcement that J.J. Abrams will franchise-hopping from Star Trek to Star Wars, fans have been curious about what that means for the future of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her crew. Today, Paramount Pictures tells The LA Times that Abrams remains committed to Trek and will, at the very least, serve as producer on Star Trek III (or Star Trek XIII, depending on your point of view). What's more, he's also going to remain attached to at least one more film in the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Abrams next, Star Trek Into Darkness, hits theaters on May 17 and reunites Chris Pine, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin with a cast of newcomers that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and Peter Weller.

Star Wars: Episode VII, meanwhile, is being written by Michael Arndt and is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2015.

from SuperHeroHype....

wildwestie 1/25/2013 9:17:21 PM

 this is great news. fresh ideas and a fresh look. as far as the E.U. goes, there is so much content to choose from. but they don't have be the exact copy of what was described in the books, just abridged versions. with talk of a female lead a good choice for a thorn in the republic's side would be admiral daala. Not the main baddy but someone who served with tarkin and who won't let the imperial remnant die. 

also, like someone else said, movies based on material other than jedi will be fun to see like bounty hunters stories or republic commando stories, gritty stuff like they're making for the games nowadays. and the Jedi don't have to be totally out of the story just not be the main focus (I'm speaking of movies down the line here not the immediate stories)  i just think there is so much potential it's going to be fun to be along for the ride!

millean 1/26/2013 7:01:52 PM

I love Star Wars.  But remember, just like Tuiasosopo, George Lucas made it all up.

phantomx69 1/27/2013 8:13:52 AM

you do realise this is about the original cast, derp to derp,

phantomx69 1/27/2013 8:17:26 AM

this is after return of the jedi, it will be mark hamill, carrie fisher, harrison ford, all the original cast, not new teen flavor of the month sorry kiddoes this is for the older original fans. move along nothing to see here

hfc7036 1/27/2013 4:31:37 PM

 Fantastic news!  I can't wait, especially now!

twomcs 1/28/2013 6:14:40 AM

 I can just imagine all the lens flare during a light saber battle!

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