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wish 1/31/2013 5:12:26 AM

Yeah I'm done listening to people who don't like JJ or his Trek, there are 4 people on here in that group and only 1 in my group of friends and co-workers.  They are such a small minority that I'm surprised we even know they exist.  I trust my opinion and judgement of film over that of anyone else and my opinion says that JJ's Trek is a damn good film in every respect, it goes no further than any respected science fiction and it was exceptionally acted/directed/edited and I absolutely loved the story and all the elements that not only helped connect the dots between character relationships such as Kirk/Bones, Kirk/Spock, but it managed to include several nods to the fans and reinvent the franchise with a much stronger tone and excitement than we've seen since the Nicholas Meyer films.  It's the most well reviewed and popular film in the entire series and it made the most money double bam!!

If JJ brings only half of what he brought to Star Trek, then we will still get the best Star Wars film ever made.  I'll take a shoe full of dog shit if I'm wrong.  It'll make the most money and get the best critical and fan response overall, that's my prediction.  Just imagine if you were at his age, mid-40's and having all that success and now, you get to direct a film in the series that made you what you are.  That's right folks, buckle your seat-belts!!

VermithraxPejorative 1/31/2013 8:17:05 PM

I agree with ya Wish! I enjoyed Star Trek and each time I watch it, I enjoy it more and more. I come from the TOS era, and was watching the TV show back in the mid 70's with my Dad. I was also a HUGE Space 1999 fan as well! Then we got MY personal ALL-TIME favorite Star Trek movie, The Motion Picture! It felt more like Trek than any of the films that followed. WoK and SfS were very good, but not as good as TMP, as I see it.

I also loved First Contact. Since I REALLY became a "Trekker" with TNG, First Contact was the perfect TNG movie! I also am a fan of Deep Space 9 too! I liked the darker tone, and the different settings and characters. Avery Brooks was one hell of a Captain, on par with Picard, and WAY better than The Shat's Kirk.

Having said that, I think I was far more open minded to JJ's Star Trek than I actually BELIEVED I would be. I was doubtful when it was announced, and even said I think it'll ruin the franchise, even a franchise that was already pretty much dead in space. Then, I got the DVD. On a whim. Just for the hell-of-it. And promptly LOVED it! Sure, I could tear apart the movie and look for "flaws", but ANY movie, ESPECIALLY Science Fiction movies can be treated that way! Star Trek was FUN, had excellent acting, and I said it before, and I'll say it again, Chris Pine's Kirk beats the SNOT out of Shat's Kirk! I have NEVER been a Shat fan, and I only really liked him in TPM, and in a few scenes from WoK and SfS. Otherwise, I can't stand him! Chris Pine made me love the character Kirk, FINALLY!!

I am PUMPED for Into Darkness, and can't WAIT until it's released! I didn't see Star Trek in the theaters. I won't make that mistake again with Into Darkness! THEN I'll buy the DVD so I can enjoy it over and over!!!



SarcasticCaveman 2/1/2013 1:55:52 AM

 I also love The Motion Picture, Vermithrax...WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE CREATOR.

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