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Hobbs 1/25/2013 6:20:19 AM

Lens flare galore!

Hobbs 1/25/2013 6:31:32 AM

All joking aside, it's a good choice.  Star Wars is another franchise that is on the brink of death so it's not like it can get any worse.  All we need is a great script, keep Damon Lindelof way from it, and there is a good chance for something special.  I like that they picked the guy who wrote Toy Story 3, which I think is the best pixar movie to date.

Wiseguy 1/25/2013 6:41:15 AM

SW on the brink of death? Couldn't disagree more

ElBaz13 1/25/2013 6:43:33 AM

Absolutely right. Star Trek got extremely stale. I grew up wit the old show and loved it. Loved TNG when it came out. When DS9 came out, I thought, ok, a spinoff of TNG but the characters were weaker. Then Voyager came out...ugh....the fat cook and his Keebler Elf girlfriend killed it for me. I was so turned off from Star Trek and the it was getting bland. Then Enterprise came out with high expectations for me as it was a prequel to TOS and as I watched it, just felt like another weak Trek entry like Voyager and DS9. Joleyne Blaylock and her bodysuit was the only reason why I stuck to this show until the end. Don't forget the TNG movies. All terrible except First Contact. Then Paramount talked about doing another show with new bland characters and new never before seen alien races  (Academy I think?) which would have have been the same dreck we've been seeing over and over.

Instead, we got a big budget re-imagining/reboot of the characters I prefer. I orefer the new Trek movie franchise over another bland TV show,

I'm still pumped for this but realized the non-geeks will have even more trouble telling the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. LOL!

Hobbs 1/25/2013 6:48:34 AM

Any time you lose half your audience is reason to be concerned.  Maybe death was too harsh but SW was going in the same direction of ST. JJ will change that around. 

Either that or we can ask George to write and direct Ep seven.  No thanks, I'll take my chances with JJ.

monkeyfoot 1/25/2013 6:52:01 AM

In Summer 2015, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes ("Star Wars Episode VII: Into Darkness"). When the crew of the ( Jedi ) is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving (the Republic) in a state of crisis.

With a personal score to settle, (Luke Skywalker) leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family (Skywalker) has left: his (Jedi).




No...waitaminnit...that's the next Star Trek movie.

DarthBob 1/25/2013 6:54:32 AM

I don't get the new ST JJ haters; Nero was the one that screwed everything up, blame him.

ST 2009 = 95% on RT, 83 on metacritic, & $385 million at box office; haters have been overruled!

nemesis1_57 1/25/2013 7:09:56 AM

Thats funny I just read an article from dec 27 where JJstated he wanted nothing to do with it since he was a fan. and now I see he's on board. Money really does talk.

Wiseguy 1/25/2013 7:11:00 AM

Exactly ElBaz. ST was running on fumes. Personally outside of TOS I was never big into any of the series which is why I'd like to watch them all now. But the ST movies had proven the franchise was in critical condition and needed a drastic overhaul. JJ to the rescue and job well done. Hopefully the next director only improves on it

SW on the other hand has never been off the public consciousness. Be it animated series, comics, books, the movies playing on tv or re-released at the theater, some other media spoofing it and general merchandise. SW has never drifted into the state ST was in, not even close

nemesis1_57 1/25/2013 7:12:41 AM

Please dont have the movie with a female lead. I'm so over this girl power shit. Not trying to say women cant do what men do but I tried of rthe Buffy the vampier slayer type it's so corny now. It's like when you hear about an old movie being remade all you think is really??

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