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Have you “LOST” interest?

By STEPHEN LACKEY     November 06, 2006

Matthew Fox of ABC's Lost

This week I’m most looking forward to Lost, mainly to see if this episode makes up for the lackluster season so far.  We were promised in ads that the last two episodes of the fall season would change everything.  Last week we saw SPOILER START Mr. Ecko die and the possibility of another hatch with a guy wearing an eye patch inside. Funny thing about that episode is I was just complaining about the story threads that had just disappeared.  The most annoying of them for me was the dark smoke monster and Desmond’s wife.  This was a pretty cool way to bring back the monster SPOILER END.  So I’m really hoping this final episode will really pay off.  I’ve been seeing the ads for the action version of Groundhog Day taking the place of Lost called Daybreak and I just can’t get interested.  Lost doesn’t come back until the end of February. 

I’ve seen some comments about my Battlestar Galactica reviews and that I should keep them up.  The only reason I haven’t reviewed another episode lately is because so far it would just feel redundant.  How interesting is it to hear once again Battlestar Galactica is the best show on TV because that’s what it would be if I reviewed it every week.  This series is the most solid of any series on this season.  Every episode so far has been fascinating along with being perfectly acted and directed.  That doesn’t mean the entire series has been that way.  I thought a lot of the opening miniseries was weak and there were a couple of episodes in season one and two that felt a little like filler, but this season the series is firing on all cylinders.   

Speaking of shows on the SCIFI Channel they are launching another series in December called The Lost Room.  In this series Detective Joe Miller is given a key by a fatally shot young man that opens a room in a hotel.  The room though doesn’t exist in our reality anymore.  Because of this every object in the room has some sort of special ability; a comb can stop time, a pen can burn things from the inside out, and the room itself is a portal to nearly anywhere a visitor would want to go.  The only issue is, for every use of the room or objects within it comes a physical or emotional price.  Miller uses the room to take vacations from a life filled with depression over a failed marriage and he pays a critical price.  In the series he tries to recover what he has lost while running from cult groups that seek to obtain every object in the room to gain ultimate power.  SCIFI has been on a great run lately with Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, so I have high hopes for this one.  What do you think? 


PRISONBREAK (FOX, 8pm PST) “Rendezvous”

Michael and Sara meet in New Mexico, but Mahone is there too.  Sucre goes after his girl again, and Bellick puts pressure on T-Bag to give up the money. 

HEROES (NBC, 9pm PST) “Nothing to Hide”

Things to watch for in this episode include Matt being back on the trail of the serial killer, Hiro actually begins to doubt whether he’s actually a hero, and most interesting; Claire finds her missing tape. 

CSI MIAMI (CBS, 10pm PST) “High Octane”

A stuntman is killed during one of his stunts and a documentary filmmaker follows one of the CSI’s on the job. 


NCIS (CBS, 8pm PST) “Sandblast”

The team investigates a bomb that went off in a military country club killing an officer. 

HOUSE (FOX, 9pm PST) “Que Sera Sera”

A 600 pound man in a coma wakes up and wants to leave but the reason for the coma is still a mystery.  Also, look for an appearance by David Morse. 

VERONICA MARS (THE CW, 9pm PST) “High Infidelity”

Veronica works to clear her name after she is accused of plagiarizing a paper she wrote for school.  Wallace is also struggling with splitting time between athletics and academics.   


JERICHO (CBS, 8pm PST) “Rogue River”

Jake and Eric make a run for medical supplies as their father’s condition worsens.  Also, Hawkins becomes more suspicious drawing Jimmy and Gray to question him. 

BONES (FOX, 8pm PST) “The Woman in the Sand”

A couple of bodies in the desert bring the team to Nevada.  I wonder if they’ll run into some CSI’s?  Well, maybe off camera…. 

LOST (ABC, 9pm PST) “I Do”

Jack makes a decision regarding the offer made to him by Ben.  Also, the mind games continue this time played on Kate who is made to fear for Sawyer’s life. 

GHOST HUNTERS (SCIFI, 9pm PST) “Best of Stanley Hotel”

Highlights from the Halloween special where the team investigates the motel that inspired Stephen King’s “The Shining”. 

CSI: NY (CBS, 10pm PST) “Consequences”

A pro paintballer is gunned down for real in a warehouse.  The team suspects a rival who has been missing since the murder. 



Oliver is taking a drug that gives him superhuman abilities with dire side effects. 


A woman is killed and a miniature version of the crime scene is left at the scene.  The investigators feel this is a serial killer based on the fact that a similar scenario happened a few weeks before.  

SUPERNATURAL (THE CW, 9pm PST) “The Usual Suspects”

Hell yeah, this episode features an appearance by the one and only Linda Blair!  She plays a detective investigating a murder that Dean has been accused of. 


GHOST WHISPERER (CBS, 8pm PST) “The Night We Met”

Melinda deals with the ghost of an arsonist who set fore to the same restaurant twice. 

NUMB3RS (CBS, 10pm PST) “Hardball”

A pro baseball player dies after an overdose of steroids.  It appears that someone may have known about his drug use and was planning to expose him.   

DOCTOR WHO (SCIFI, 8pm PST) “The Idiot’s Lantern”

Time travelers visit 1950’s England and discover an alien secret during a celebration for Queen Elizabeth II. 

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (SCIFI, 9pm PST) “A Measure of Salvation”

Starbuck is sent to interrogate dying Cylons on a Base ship.  The second in a two parter. 



The classic Michael J. Fox film where he travels back in time and meets his parents before they got together. 


Bridgette Fonda plays a woman who brings in a roommate played by Jennifer Jason Leigh who terrorizes her and even tries to steal her life by any means necessary.  


An anthropologist returns to Peru and visits a tribe of cannibals he had studied and even become a member of when he was young. 


A young woman is terrorized by a psychopathic killer after her husband is kidnapped when they stop at a rest stop. 


Casino Royale (SPIKE, 6:30pm PST)

The remake is on the way so it’s imperative that you see the original James Bond classic if you haven’t already.  

SIMPSONS (FOX, 8pm PST) “G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)”

Homer is tricked into joining the army and gets in trouble with a tough-minded Colonel played by Kieffer Sutherland. 

FAMILY GUY (FOX, 9pm PST) “Whistle While Your Wife Works”

Peter hurts his hands playing with fireworks and he can’t work so Lois takes his place at work awakening Peter’s workplace sexual fantasies.  Brian is also dating a young woman who isn’t very smart and Stewie won’t let him hear the end of it.  Guest stars Carrie Fisher and Drew Barrymore.


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mckracken 11/6/2006 2:35:54 AM
as a LOST fan I can truely say that I'm 100% confident the writers will get around to telling Desmonds story eventually, theres no way that they would end a season like that if they didnt have a plan to continue it, my bet is that Desmond's story will be the MAY sweeps season finale. Just a huntch though, I could be wrong. As for BSG, Baltar is one step closer to obtaining his very own Base Star as it was in the original series only this new series takes its sweet time getting to the very places the original arrived at in the pilot movie (I think Baltar had control of a Base Star in the original pilot right?) His questions where MY questions: I only saw 7 human Cylons, who and where are the remaining five? (funny though, I always counted the Cylon Raider as one of the 12 since its alive) I'm positively hating Tigh now with his boneheaded comments "we were strapping bombs onto our chests while you did nothing to rescue us" <---nice way to say thanks for the bail-out. Boomer is now Athena, which is cool and strange at the same time... whats with this show not having Boxey*, Athena, Serina and Cassiopeia? They all seem missing here *except for Boxey who was briefly shown in the pilot. as for Lost Room... eh... ok I'll bite... but only for a while. I'm still getting over the bad taste of Tremors: the series when anybody reminds me of how great the Sci/Fi shows are. LOL!! (seems they are REALLY REALLY GREAT... or downright suck lemos outright. Blame Bonnie Hammer for that one I guess.
MercurialHyperbole 11/6/2006 5:43:31 AM
I think that Lost was slow for a bit, but last week's episode was one of my favorites. I too was wondering all last season what happened to some storylines like the polar bear and the smoke monster. As far as BG goes talk about it all you want. I still think it is awful in every way. Mckracken I'm still reeling from Black Scorpion to bother with how bad Tremors was.
karas1 11/6/2006 7:31:25 AM
Scifi didn't actually make Black Scorpion. Both Black Scorpion and The Secret Adventures Of Jules Verne were made by their production companies on spec and sat around for a while, looking for an outlet. Scifi bought the rights to air both shows. Actually, while Black Scorpion was BAD, it was kind of entertaining in it's own way. Tremmors the Series had it's moments too. You just couldn't take either show very seriously. BSG continues to get better and better. Lost still holds my interest very nicely. I don't want all the questions answered too quickly. What fun would that be? KaraS
ponyboy76 11/6/2006 7:34:34 AM
You know I consider myself pretty openminded , but I just can't understand for the life of me how anyone could watch BSG and say it was "awful in every way". To me any intelligent person who says that is just stilll living in the past of the original series and are upset the new version isn`t what they wanted it to be. Or maybe they just aren't sci-fi fans which you don't even have to be to watch the show. The show hits on every level, production, acting, storyline. It is definitely on the same level as the best shows on tv, Lost, 24, csi. I don`t what more they would want. Anyway, as far as Lost, I was a little upset that they killed Ecko off, but I guessed they resolved his storyline. I have to say though, right now I`m more interested in the Others, Jack, Sawyer, and Kate`s storyline than the one with the rest of the Losties. And the two new characters seem kind of forced to me. Hopefully, it gets better. I`m sure it will.
thelastonelives 11/6/2006 7:34:53 AM
If this guy who does the reviews thinks that BG is the one show on television with the most solid series on television today most not be watching all that much.
Captmathman 11/6/2006 7:47:40 AM
Lost Room sounds a lot like Friday the 13th: The Series to me. Eh. BSG is keeping me hooked. Great show, lots of moral and ethical questions, lots of energy and action. Ya know, the cages they're keeping Sawyer and Kate in seem like a pretty big hint about the polar bear. How does Ben know that the bear that used to occupy Sawyer's cage "figured it out" in less than two hours?
narpin 11/6/2006 8:13:41 AM
How can you call the season of Lost so far "lackluster"? The first 5 episodes of season 3 have all been excellent, starting with the awesome season premiere. This is great stuff. My only let down is that Eko died. It's a shame we had to lose all of the new characters from last season. If they wanted to kill someone off it should have been Charlie. It seems the writers have no idea what to do with him.
vichussmith 11/6/2006 8:24:04 AM
it's just you and me, narpin. A lot of people want answers and they want the focus to be more on the main characters. I've loved every season and I think there's little this season that I didn't like. One thing that bugged me was the whole "two islands" idea. It makes perfect sense, but getting there didn't really. I'd have to watch a repeat of season 2's finale. I also HATE that the show is going away for a drama that has the most ridiculous premise for an ongoing series. I suspect that no one will care and we'll be watching Lost reruns for about 3 months. From what I've seen of this Taye Diggs debacle, 7 Days did the premise first, and it did it better. Another Taye Diggs failure.
fft5305 11/6/2006 9:35:04 AM
Lost this season has been very disappointing. This last ep was the best so far, but that's not saying too much. It's not a *bad* show, it's just not the absolute Must-See that it used to be. I look more forward to Heroes, Supernatural and Dexter than I do to Lost. They need to answer some older questions (polar bear, Black Rock, black smoke, etc.) before asking new ones. Also, the 2 new Losties this season are completely superfluous. Everything they have done/said could have been done/said by another character.
mbeckham1 11/6/2006 11:19:57 AM
I also wished that they had kept Eko as a character. He was by far the most interesting of the Tailys and now it seems like they just brought those people in so they could have a bunch of characters we were supposed to to beleive were important, but could killed for dramatic affect. I think Eko deserved more than a publicity stunt treatment, and frankly so did the Taily storyline. The long term effect on the group dynamics could been a great subplot, and one the writers apparently didn't want to have to wrestle with. People complain about shows that just kill red shirts, but when you kill characters that actually contribute to the story, you lose a lot of potential for one dramatic moment. I'm not saying that's always the wrong choice. But there should be other reasonss and the death should have as omuch long term consequences on the story and other characters as that life would have. If melodrama and eliminating storylines is the motive. A writer should ask whether that story line should have been started in the first place. I'm hoping Eko's death and his time on the islnd is remembered for more than hs last warning. Apart from that. They have brought ack some old questions and concepts. Good to see the black smoke again. Henry Gale and his prophetic powers have got me wondering about that light from the hatch. Whether it causes psychic powers and whether the others suspected the children from the plane might develop them. Maybe the smoke monster comes from each of the island inhabitants subconcious given form by psychic powers they gained and don't even know they have. While Gail's close exposure altered his conscious mind.
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