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Inferno 8/27/2010 4:44:41 PM

I've been skeptical about Superman comics since New Krypton volume 3. So I can't really blame you about the rating this issue got. I was thinking about picking it up but changed my mind and picked up Matt Wagners Demon #4 for a dollar instead. :)

I must point out though that the issue's cover is by David Finch, the variat is Ivan Reis.

dbrock06 8/27/2010 5:14:04 PM

Is it getting to the point where DC is making Superman Irrelevant.  I don't know I really don't read anything with the character.  It seems to me that ever since the death and rebirth the character has sort of petered out.  I  may be talking out of my .... because of my lack of knowledge on the subject, but there just seems to be a lack of any interest anywhere...just no buzz.  I don't think anyone even wants another live action movie that badly.  there have been 5 of them and 3 of the 5 have sucked, and the 2 were really one mobie that were broken up into 2.  What can DC do with this character to get some interest? You have this all powerful character.  He's been dead and came back.  Has very few weaknesses.  I don't know.  Maybe he needs to be put on the back burner for a while to have people want him to come back.  Maybe they need to cut back on the 15 Superman books that are out there.  I don't know.  Sometimes you just need a break from a character.

Inferno 8/28/2010 6:03:12 PM

Some Superman comics have been good these past few years. I think back to Godfall and Camelot Falls and the begining of Johns and Robinson's first few issues but when Johns left, whatever they had going just went along with him.

dbrock, they need to do two things - Like you mentioned, the large amount of books they keep pumping out has got to go and they also need to modernize his costume. There's no reason why they shouldn't.

What they need to do to get people interested is more space travel. He needs to travel outside our solar system and fight evil everywhere. The writers today are good with plots and words but they lack the imagination that stemed from the silver age. They're just not bold enough. Kurt Busiek did a great job with Camelot Falls when he applied some original characters.

okonomiyaki4000 8/30/2010 6:12:21 AM

 Since Dark Reign, I can't look at Lex Luthor without thinking how much more fun Norman Osborn is. They're similar on so many levels but something about Osborn is just better.

Inferno 8/30/2010 4:53:28 PM

You mean that everything Osbourn does Luthor did a decade earlier? Sure, Oko.

okonomiyaki4000 9/3/2010 8:49:56 PM

 I'm not concerned with who did it first, I'm concerned with who did it better. Norman FTW.



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