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  • Action Figure Line: Spawn Age of Pharaohs
  • Distributor: McFarlane Toys

Action Figure Line Review: Spawn Age of Pharaohs

A look at the new Spawn Toys from McFarlane Toys

By Tim Janson     May 28, 2008

Anubis the Jackal King from SPAWN AGE OF PHARAOHS(2008).
© McFarlane Toys

When it comes to action figures, there’s little doubt that Batman leads the way in terms of the most lines…most figures produced for a single character. But probably not lagging to far behind is McFarlane Toys’ Spawn. Debuting in 1994, the Spawn line has reached its 33rd series of figures with the brand new Age of Pharaohs line. The Spawn series long ago graduated beyond being a mere action figure and has become almost solely a line geared towards collectors. The artisans at McFarlane rarely fail to amaze figure enthusiasts with their incredible attention to detail, generally only found on higher end resin kits. The fact that they can do these for around a $12 retail price or so continues to astonish. It’s doubtful that anyone “plays” with Spawn figures as such and so these figures are never overly articulated. These are figures that are made to look great on a shelf in your basement or whatever room is yours.

Series #33 puts Spawn in the era of ancient, mystical Egypt. A total of six figures are included in the series.

The Jackal King (Anubis) He is the Jackal headed ruler of the Underworld. The figure is menacing with his ceremonial daggers and wings that rotate out to a great span. The left leg is removable at the upper thigh for packaging purposes. His cloak and helmet are also removable. His chest is adorned with intricate tattoos. The paint job of the skin is a little darker on the actual figure than in the picture.

Anubis the Jackal King from SPAWN AGE OF PHARAOHS(2008).

Soldier of Ra. These are the foot soldiers of the Sun God Ra. The intricately designed helmet is removable to reveal a wizened, skeletal face with pale green eyes. Both of those long-bladed weapons can be removed from his hands. The paint job and molded scratchy lines give him the appearance of a corpse whose skin has been withered as it has not been disturbed in millennia.

Soldier of Ra action figure from SPAWN AGE OF PHARAOHS(2008).

Great figure, along with Isis and Spawn the Immortal, the best figures in the set.

Sebek is the Crocodile King who hopes to usurp Anubis as ruler of the Underworld. This is the weakest figure in the lot. The coloring on the actual figure is much darker and drearier than in the photo. In reality the dark blue along his snout and top of his head isn’t very different in color than the dark green which makes up most of the rest of the body. It is fairly articulated (arms, elbows, wrists, head, tail). The cobra which doubles as Sebek’s removable tongue is the figure’s best feature.

Sebek the Crocodile King action figure from SPAWN AGE OF PHARAOHS(2008).

Scarab Assassin. These assassins of the Cult of Scarab are loyal to the Pharaoh. The second weakest character in the set. This figure lacks the detail of the others in the line, particularly in its muscle structure. The coloring is extremely bland as well. Those wicked looking swords and the cobra helmet are removable.


“The Scarab Assassin” action figure from SPAWN AGE OF PHARAOHS(2008).


Spawn the Immortal. Well it would not be a Spawn series without a Spawn figure, right? In this series, Egyptian God Osiris returns from the underworld as Spawn. This is the most detailed figure in the set based on his sculpt, paint job, and adornments/accessories. The skulls around his waist hang from a real piece of rope. His shield, spear, and skull helmet are all removable. He’s articulated in the arms, wrists and head. The detail of his boots is simply exquisite!

Warrior Isis is Osiris’ wife who seeks to get revenge on those who betrayed her husband. She doesn’t move much, doesn’t have a lot of accessories, but this is one gorgeously designed female character. He long, shapely legs stretch across a mound of treasure where she stands poised. He face is perfectly designed in the traditional Egyptian eye make-up. Her sword is removable. Simple yet stunning!


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darkheart00 5/28/2008 11:33:26 AM
Wow, the Warrior Isis and Anubis figures are sharp looking. I don't collect Spawn or Egyptian figures but man that Isis might have to find its way to my shelf.
Johnzilla 6/20/2008 5:38:03 AM
Soldier of Ra reminds me of Iron Maiden's "Power Slave" album cover.


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