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  • Manufacturer: McFarlane Toys

Action Figure Line Review: Spawn Classics

Four Spawn Classic Figures Re-imagined

By Tim Janson     July 28, 2008

Manga Spawn
© McFarlane Toys
The latest Spawn line from McFarlane Toys presents four figures from the past but reimagined with new sculpts and paint jobs. The line goes back in time as far as eleven years with a new sculpt of the first Manga Spawn. The new figure retains the original red, black, and white paint scheme and almost eliminates any of the Spawn look. Gone are the arm and back blades and the sword as well as the spiked shoulders. The red is a brighter shade while the original was much darker. This Manga Spawn is sleeker, and more Anime-influenced. The figure is articulated at its shoulders, biceps, wrists, stomach, hips and knees making it great for posing.

Poacher was never one of the better figures from the Spawn line but that said, the classic version is a significant improvement over the original. The rather drag gray and wrinkly body of the first figure has been redone with a lighter gray that is covered with tribal tattoos. The tattoos cover his entire body giving it a more interesting and detailed look. The figure now comes with two sets of well-aged tusks instead of one. The loincloth is painted with a more intricate designed and adorned with several hanging skeletons. The gun and two-bladed axe has been replaced by a giant machete type sword that fits the characters look much better a rifle did anyway. Actual pieces of chain hand down from his left arm. He is articulated at left biceps and right wrist. This is one very heavy piece.


The best figure in the new Classics series is the Pirate Spawn. The original came out in 2002 as part of the Alternate Realities series and frankly, other than the eye patch and bandana, it didn’t look all that much like a pirate. It was a bit too armored for a pirate and look liked it belonged more in one of the Spawn Dark Ages lines. That has all been fixed with the new pirate spawn that is beautifully painted and exquisitely detailed. This guy looks like a well-to-do pirate captain in his long flowing, red overcoat with gold trim. He wears a traditional pirate captain’s hat that is removable. Pirate Spawn is armedto the teethwith three flintlock pistols and cutlass. The cutlass and guns are all removable as well. He stands 6 ½” tall and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, wrists and knees. A dynamite figure all around.


The final figure in the series is the Wings of Redemption Spawn. This figure was originally part of 2003’s Spawn reborn line and has been given a complete makeover. The biggest change is while the first had demon’s bat-like wings; the new figure is sculpted with feathery angel wings, completely changing the tone of the character. Also, while the first was kind of static and just was in a standing pose, this one is done in true action style as if he is descending from the heavens. Another edition is that this one comes with a base. The figure stands some 14” tall from the bottom of the base to the tips of his wings. One thing not change, unfortunately, is that this one has the same boring scheme as the original with an all black body and brown boots and gloves. They did not even paint the spikes on the boots and the gloves this time to give them a metallic look, leaving them the same brown color. This looks like one that was rushed through production.


A solid line, highlighted by the gorgeous new Pirate Spawn. Three of the four figures are vast improvements over the originals while Wings of Redemption Spawn is about the same.


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SaintDemon 7/28/2008 2:54:48 PM
Actually, the Wings of Redemption Spawn did feature feathery wings and they had the standing version of regular size and the giant version. The image was from the cover of one of the Spawn issues, also, my version does feature the unpainted spikes as well, but if memory serves me correctly that is how they looked on the Spawn cover issue. And the reason for the black body is that all the Malbolgia stuff has in some aspects been removed.


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