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Wiseguy 5/27/2009 8:32:20 AM

Morbius wouldn't make my top ten of Spidey villains I'd want to see so I'm glad.  Still hoping for Kraven and Lizard, I think they'd make a perfect combo

Cowboys & Aliens getting another draft? I thought this thing was in production already. Nice to see how in demand RDJ is, good for him. With or without him I'm checking this film out anyway.

Rob, I get the feeling that you either love Wright, love the Scott Pilgrim book or both. Feels like every day you run a piece on this. I really wasn't that interested but I think all these reports are acting as subliminal messages :)

fft5305 5/27/2009 8:59:30 AM

I had never heard of Scott Pilgrim before the movie got picked up, and everything I read about it seems awful weird.  But I like Edgar Wright, so I may give this a shot.  Guess it depends on how the trailers look.  I wish he'd finish this up and do Ant-Man already...

fuckyoumania 5/27/2009 10:09:49 AM

I didn't know about Scott Pilgrim before coming to this site either, but then I picked up the graphic novels at my local library and read them.




Scott Pilgrim is a great book that's both hilarious and action-packed. The movie is going to blow people's minds if its anything like the book and they've got an amazing cast lined up.


Keep the Scott Pilgrim updates coming, some of us are chomping at the bit!

jfdavis 5/27/2009 11:31:45 AM

While Morbius was only in my top 15...Well, maybe 12, I liked rumors of this choice because it shown that producers were thinking outside the box with this movie.  (Superman producers that put Lex Luthor in every movie do not to give a concrete example of what I'm saying.)  And besides, the neogenic connection between him and the Lizard is exploitable...  

robbo 5/27/2009 12:55:27 PM

I actually have not read Scott Pilgrim yet, but it sounds like something I'd like. 

I love Shaun of the Dead but can't say I'm a HUGE fan of Edgar Wright (yet). I do find him very amusing in all the Scott Pilgrm videos tough.

Yeah, I'm kind of excited about the movie now!

What can I say? Edgar Wright is provding plenty of fodder for the daily column.

xenomorph 5/27/2009 2:59:56 PM

The villians that I would like to see in Spider-Man 4 are Kraven, Scorpion, Mysterio, Rhino, and Electro.

Wiseguy 5/27/2009 4:35:17 PM

robbo, is all good. You've actually piqued my interest. Hell, I may try to pick the book up.

xeno, you sound like you want the Sinister 6. I think that many villains may be overkill all at once. Unless you don't mean all together.

xenomorph 5/27/2009 6:43:44 PM

No, I don't mean all together wise. I would just like it if one of those villians was picked.

Wiseguy 5/28/2009 9:12:42 AM

Surprised you didn't list the Lizard, especially since Dr.Connor has been mentioned/appeared in all three. Seems like a natural progression.



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