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Hands on with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Singularity

By Edward Goodsmith     July 30, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance
© Activision


Activision was back again this year with another stellar “first look” party. This year they let us get up close and personal with the second iteration in the popular Marvel Ultimate Alliance series, and the new Activision IP Singularity.
Fans of the original Ultimate Alliance will be happy to know that not much in the way of game play has changed. From what I could tell with my 5 minutes of hands on the controls have also remained identical to the original. The graphics have definitely been revamped from the original, but it’s still not incredibly impressive when compared to other games out on consoles right now.
You’re given a choice of over 24 characters to play as, some of which have been officially released, and others have yet to be announced or will come out as downloadable content.
The confirmed list is below:
* Daredevil                           
* Deadpool
* Gambit
* Green Goblin
* Hulk
* Human Torch
* Invisible Woman
* Iron Fist
* Iron Man
* Jean Grey
* Juggernaut‡
* Luke Cage
* Mister Fantastic
* Ms. Marvel
* Penance
* Songbird
* Spider-Man
* Storm
* Thing
* Thor
* Venom
* Wolverine
We were also shown a brand new trailer for Ultimate Alliance 2, which you can check out below:
We were also given some hands on time with Activision’s new game Singularity. The basic principle of the game is a first person shooter with a little bit of Portal style puzzles thrown in. You can manipulate time and using that power you solve puzzles that forward the story. We weren’t given much beyond a single demo, and we were not queued in on much of the story, beyond the basic principles. In a nutshell the game takes place in 2010 on an island called Katorga-12 where Russians who were experimenting with an element called “E99” during the cold war. During the testing in the 50s a terrible accident dubbed “Singularity” occurred.
In 2010 an American Air Force pilot names Nate Ranco (who you control in the game) is sent to investigate. Shortly after arriving he learns that the island constantly shifts between 1950 and 2010. His mission changes from investigation to prevention, he must now stop the Singularity from happening.
Singularity launches in Q1 of 2010 and Ultimate Alliance 2 drops on September 15th. Be sure to stick with Mania for any more news about these, and other games as it becomes available.


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dbrock06 7/30/2009 6:40:38 AM

I loved the first game.  My only beef as a ps3 owner was that there were no downloadable characters like on the xbox where you could download the hero and villain pack.   Magneto was really cool as you could just toss people off the sides of a building using your powers.

Some of the characters announced already leave me uninspired.  I would ike to see more villains in there.  Venom is a cool character, but really how much different is it playing him than spiderman.  Goblin could be cool though.  A lot of the characters are the same from the first game so I am really hoping that they offer a ton of downloadable options.  Definitely would like to see the Silver Surfer again, or any galactic character....Thanos would be awesome.  Penance....ehhhh   Even tbhe promo video for him sucked, so how good could the gameplay be?

BarricadeS281E 7/30/2009 6:18:39 PM

Last week I was chatting with my brother about how they should stick Penance in since he has such an important role in Civil War - and wow, there's Penance! I'm divided about him though, he seems kinda cool to me but, I find him disgusting as well. Saw that he had blood staining down from the front vents on his suit, and I thought it was pretty neat since with practicality, the spikes piercing his flesh would exude blood and the blood would have to come out somewhere, since the costume's skin-tight.

Anyways, I love Gambit and Deadpool, my two favorite comic book characters - Deadpool would be my all-time fave though. I'm gonna predict right now and say Punisher could be next, he has a decent role in Civil War as well. I would love to see the moveset VV might make for him. Got Penance right, so here's to hopin'.

RandomChance 7/30/2009 7:08:52 PM

I also had a blast with the first game. I'm a little miffed that there's no love for PC gamers this time around, though...

Gambit's looking pretty nifty in that vid, and it's nice to know that at least half of my old team made it into the second game.

dbrock06 7/31/2009 7:25:57 AM

Seems like a lot of the same characters.  Hulk, Juggernaut, Thing, and Luke Cage.  They are all a little different, but basically they are just tank.  Captain America was the best tank from Ult. ALLiance 1 BTW.


Inferno 8/10/2009 4:53:23 PM

I'm wondering why they haven't posted any articles on the DC MMORPG yet on this site ???

Not that I care, but I figured this site would take the time to cover the news surrounding the development of a premium comic book company's game production.


Weird... :s


panzerhd 8/12/2009 3:10:16 PM

They will all be runner ups'  to Champions online!!!!!!!!!

Inferno 8/14/2009 9:50:01 AM

Don't worry.

Jack Emmert will screw up Champions the same way he screwed up City of heroes before he left. He even recycled most of the stuff in city of heroes while creating Champions.


BarricadeS281E 8/20/2009 8:24:43 PM

That DC MMORPG looks really funky, I'm definitely not an expert on the genre (never played one), all MMO's have that feel/look?? It feels like I'm watching 3D stop-motion.

Inferno 8/21/2009 2:20:56 PM

The DC MMO is still in it's alpha stage. Still needs some tweaking but the fighting has gotten more fluid.

Check out the more recent videos compared to the older one.

You'll also have basic action attacks just like Age of Conan and hopefully combos. That way you don't click on your powers repeatedly and wait for cooldowns.

irishjosh 9/7/2009 4:41:30 PM

Awesome can't wait for this.  I loved the first game .

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