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ACTOR Auction an Amazing Success

The comic industry's new non-profit organization makes a big splash at the Wizard World convention

By Arnold T. Blumberg     August 23, 2001
Source: ACTOR, Wizard World Chicago

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ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots), www.actorcomicfundorg, a new non-profit organization based in Los Angeles and dedicated to helping veteran comic creators in financial need, announced today the outstanding results of its latest fund-raisers.

On Saturday, August 18, ACTOR held a benefit auction at the Wizard World Chicago convention, raising a total of $67,077. Items were donated from comic artists as well as corporate donors like Tower Records, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Miramax/Dimension Films. Celebrity guest auctioneer Kevin Smith himself made the winning bid on a piece of Michael Oeming artwork that ran on the cover of WIZARD #121 and featured Smith's Bluntman and Chronic from Smith's new film, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK. The art sold for $1,600.

High bids were cast for Alex Ross' alternate UNIVERSE X cover featuring Venom ($7,500); an original George Perez "Women of JLA/Avengers" piece ($6,500); and a "Day at Marvel Comics" hosted by Joe Quesada ($1,400). A back cover piece by Frank Cho of LIBERTY MEADOWS fame went for $3,100, while a Joe/Andy/Adam Kubert Family Jam piece featuring Sgt. Rock, Wolverine and Batman sold for $1,400.

In addition to the auction, a benefit screening of Smith's JAY AND SILENT BOB was held, garnering another $4,500 for the fund. Dan Jurgens and Perez also raised donations by sketching fans.

"The outpouring of both money and support from the fans was amazing," says Jim McLauchlin, founder of ACTOR. "I'd be remiss in my duties and a horrible human being if I didn't thank the Wizard World Chicago staff, who rolled out the red carpet for us. I'd also like to say a huge thank you to Kevin Smith and Miramax/Dimension Films for the screening opportunity and, most of all, the entire CrossGen Comics staff, who ran the auction to perfection."

ACTOR will follow up the success of this event with another auction at the Orlando MegaCon on February 22-24, 2002. Art for the new benefit is already being gathered by the organization and McLauchlin anticipates that the new event will be "bigger and better yet."


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