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Adams Signs Exclusive Wildstorm Deal

    February 13, 2001

Fan favorite Arthur Adams is now exclusive with Wildstorm.

Here's DC's press release:

DC Comics is pleased to announce that fan-favorite artist Arthur Adams,best known for his work on TOM STRONG and Monkeyman & O'Brien has signed a one-year exclusive contract. Adams will collaborate with writer Mark Millar on issues #27-29 of THE AUTHORITY. According to Adams, 'I'm looking forward to showing readers my take on THE AUTHORITY; the characters are really exciting to draw. I'm finding myself sitting around sketching them even when I'm not technically 'working'.'

Following his work on THE AUTHORITY, Adams will continue to be a part of AMERICA'S BEST COMICS in the pages of the second Tom Strong ongoing
series, TOM STRONG'S TERRIFIC TALES, set to premiere this summer.
According to Adams, 'Being part of ABC is fun, both on TOM STRONG and on 'Jonni Future,' my contribution to the new series. I've been trying out a new drawing style with 'Jonni Future,' which is easy since it's set 4 billion years into the future. There's not really a lot of reference material involved; the stories are really heavy on cat people and alien creatures and a very cute space girl.'

Scott Dunbier, Group Editor -- WildStorm said, 'Arthur Adams is an
amazingly talented artist who really does get better with age. The work he has been turning in on 'Jonni Future' is utterly amazing. It's funny, I told Arthur that the pages he's been doing are the best of his career and he actually agreed with me! What makes that so amusing is that Arthur is NEVER satisfied with his own work. He's a great artist and a great friend -- oh, it's a good day in La Jolla!'

Arthur Adams' work can be seen in TOM STRONG BOOK ONE HC and in upcoming issues #27-29 of THE AUTHORITY. His work on 'Jonni Future' will premiere in the pages of the upcoming TOM STRONG'S TERRIFIC TALES ongoing series.


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