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ADV Films Announces AD Police

    September 27, 2000

HOUSTON - ADV Films is proud to announce the home video release of AD

Police, the awesome extension of the hit Bubblegum Crisis anime series.

A sudden rise in VOodoo Organic Metal Extension Resources [VOOMER]

indicents has put the A.D. Police in the hot seat. Making matters worse,

Kenji Sasaki - one of the A.D. Police's most valuable and unconventional

officers has had his share of bad luck... It seems his partners are either

turning up dead or seriously injured. Given a new partner, Hans Kleif, and

one last chance to redeem himself by playing by the rules, Kenji needs to

get to the bottom of this techo-mystery and keep the VOOMERS from turning

Genom City into a high-tech wasteland.

In January, 2001, ADV Films will be releasing this amazing series on home

video. AD Police: Volume 1 will be available on English-dubbed VHS.

Find out where it all started. Don't forget to check out Bubblegum Crisis:

Tokyo 2040, available on VHS and DVD.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North

America's #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation ("anime"), with

titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 and

Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV Films will soon be releasing top-quality,

computer-animated titles such as ReBoot®, Weird-Ohs(tm) and

Shadowraiders(tm). ADV Films also distributes American and Japanese

live-action programming for theatrical and broadcast release. Check out ADV

Films on the web at

AD Police: Volume 1

Running Time: 75 minutes Rating: 12yrs.+

Street Date: 1/23/01

Format SRP

VHS(English-Dubbed) $19.98


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