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ADV Films announces Evangelion & Cutey Honey DVD

    September 28, 2000

HOUSTON - ADV Films is proud to announce our latest titles to be released on

DVD, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Collection 02 and Cutey Honey: Collection 1.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Collection 02 DVD

Personal differences between two of the Eva pilots sets the team back, but

when a proposed replacement for the Evas malfunctions runs amok, the

Evangelion team must stop a rampaging robot before it melts down an entire

city! Finally, the fight for Mankind's survival moves into a whole new

phase as the first combat-designed Eva is prepared for battle! When the

naval convoy transporting the new Eva is attacked by an Angel, the protected

becomes the protector as 2nd child Asuka Langley and Shinji must activate

Unit 02 for a deadly underwater duel to the death!

Cutey Honey: Collection 1 DVD

In a futuristic world where evil comes in all shapes and sizes, she is the

ultimate warrior. CUTEY HONEY is a one woman S.W.A.T. team whose android

chassis is capable of hanging at will into a dazzling array of hard-hitting

hardbodies each with its own unique set of skills, weapons, and other

impressive physical attributes. This DVD release contains a cool selection

of extra features including a live Press Conference, Phone Messages, a

Production Portfolio and a live Costume Play.

This November, ADV Films will begin releasing the Cutey Honey collection on

DVD, starting with Collection 1, which will include the original 4 episodes

of the action-packed anime series. ADV Films will also be continuing the

world-famous Evangelion series with the DVD release of Collection 02, which

contains episodes 5-8 of the EVA series. Each DVD will include the original

Japanese version with English subtitles, plus the English-dubbed version of

the films.

If you haven't yet bought Collection 01 of Neon Genesis Evangelion on DVD,

now is the time to buy it, so you can start the DVD series off right. And

don't forget that both of these amazing anime titles are available on VHS

through the ADV Films catalog.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North

America's #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation ("anime"), with

titles such as Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Samurai X and Gasaraki. ADV

also distributes American and Japanese live-action programming for

theatrical and broadcast release. ADV Films can be found on the web at

Running Times: Evangelion - 100 minutes; Cutey Honey - 120 minutes

Ratings: Evangelion - 15yrs.+; Cutey Honey - 17yrs.+

Street Date(for both titles): 11/21/00


Neon Genesis Evangelion: Collection 02 DVD $29.98

Cutey Honey: Collection 1 DVD $29.98


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