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Adventure Kid

When 19-year-old game whiz Norikazu finds a World War II-era computer outside his home, he gets more than he bargained. He unwittingly releases the encoded spirit of the machine’s creator: Masago.

But Masago sees Midori, Norikazu’s 19-year-old lover, as a perfect replacement for his long dead wife and seeks revenge for her betrayal with a sadistic army officer years earlier. Now only Norikazu’s love for her can save them both from a hellish existence in Misago’s computer generated world.

But there are others who also want to steal Midori away from Norikazu and Norikazu away from Midori. Between a mad scientist, the King of Hell and… jealous friends, the two lovers must confront incredible powers that could kill them both at any moment!

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Region 1 - North America

Adventure Kid by Anime 18