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Wiseguy 8/27/2012 11:36:59 AM

@ Brodee I think Snyder would be a great choice. I have loved all his films and he did a great job with Watchmen


Wiseguy 8/27/2012 11:46:55 AM

And as far as Lana goes I know most are joking but if I didn't know it I wouldn't have given her a second look. She ain't a looker but there are uglier women out there. Anyway so what, she's happy. Hopefully it works out better for her than it did Mr Garrison

DarthoftheDead 8/27/2012 12:15:26 PM

 Can't believe I'm gonna say this, lol, but James Cameron NEEDS to make JLA, he's probally the only one with the RAW IMAGINATION to pull it off...

hanso 8/27/2012 2:48:46 PM

 Ok ok ok, hold up a sec.  WTF is going on, The Matrix movies are dope!  The problem with the sequels is the same one TDKR had which is they are following greatness.  Revolutions is the weakest but the Neo/Smith fight was worth it.  Now, Speed Racer was balls no question.

Spiderhero, but Lana has a vagina now! 


Oh, almost forgot, Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo!

HarryTuttle 8/27/2012 2:53:25 PM

 I wouldn't have had a problem with Ben Affleck as director of JL, he seems to have found his niche as a director and he's done great work in that role.

That said, it doesn't pain me that he's not involved. I'd like to see someone like Duncan Jones get the gig, or maybe Neil Blomkamp. Guys who have imagination and can handle action but still know how to give the characters personality too.

But....they'll probably go for someone in career freefall like Stephen Sommers or (shiver) Shyamalan. 

thezillaman 8/27/2012 3:48:02 PM

this is a good thing that Affleck is not doing this. why get involved if you know you can't handle it?  i think the Wachowskis, are just what JL, needs.

Mythos 8/27/2012 4:27:25 PM

hey in entourage camerron wrote and directed aquaman and it was the most succesful movie ever made lol!

spiderhero 8/27/2012 5:22:02 PM

Hanso: C. Thomas Howell got a tan & a jerry curl but that didn't make him a true soul man...

reek 8/27/2012 5:30:46 PM

 I can't believe im saying it either but Darth may be on to something with Jim Cameron.  I don't think he'd touch it, he's been notoriously gunshy when it cimes to actually making something that has a fanboy base, but you're right, he does have the talent and knows what to do with $200 million.

DarthBob 8/27/2012 6:20:34 PM

David Yates could definitely pull this off.  No Snyder, Sucker Punch was awful.  No Wachowski bros, sisters or whatever they are; the Matrix was good but the sequels were too long, boring and pretentious.  Speed Racer was unwatchable.  Also, Duncan Jones and Brad Bird should also be considered.

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