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redhairs99 8/9/2012 7:42:03 AM

 Affleck's a good director, but I wouldn't want him in any of the main roles on this.

Though I do think at this point WB/DC should just do the Man Steel flick and have a teaser to a larger threat and jump right into a JLA flick.  You don't need origin movies for every single character.  Just use the Secret Origins premiere of the JL animated series as a way to bring everyone together.  People will follow it fine.

Tevii 8/9/2012 7:45:55 AM

The simple fact they approached Affleck because of his work with The Town tells me they are looking for more Nolan type work.
This WILL NOT WORK for a justice league movie.
Dc Characters are inherently more fantastic than Marvels more down to earth characters. By that THEY CANNOT make a down to earth, grounded and realistic Justice League. They need to PLAY off what makes the Justice League great, and that it is fantasy and is supposed to be played out like fantasy.
They need more Avengers, not more The Dark Knight

almostunbiased 8/9/2012 8:25:22 AM

I think he can do it.  I'm okay with this.  But you all know I am not a DC fan so maybe my say shouldn't count.  What am I saying of course it doesn't matter.

fatpantz 8/9/2012 8:36:11 AM

On one hand, Affleck is a huge comic geek so he might have a passion like Whedon.....on the other hand he is a storyteller that focuses an slow character driven, no special effects projects.  Not sure if he would be way over his head with this one....unless his buddy Kevin Smith came on as an advisor for him....

almostunbiased 8/9/2012 8:53:30 AM

Oh and since someone brought up Man of Steel, WTH is superman doing with a beard?!?!?!?!  Someone want to explain to me how he shaves that?  Seriously, WTH were they thinking.  Don't get me wrong I love supes movies, just that is really hard to explain.

ElBaz13 8/9/2012 8:57:27 AM


He shaves his beard at the same place he gets his haircuts. :)

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/9/2012 9:00:57 AM

I love how a lot of you say he has no experience in directing superhero movies when neither did over half the directors who made successful superhero films over the past few years.

DarthoftheDead 8/9/2012 9:02:58 AM

I have no problem's with this, lol, Mr Affleck just mite surprize the lot of us....

EIBaz13 - LOL....Ziiiinnngggg!

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/9/2012 9:07:18 AM

Superman has been shown to grow beards and hair in comics. If he can grow hair why not a beard. He uses his heat vision to do it. What make no sense to me and this applies to the comics if Superman is invincible and hair and finger/toenails are dead skin cells - how do they die?

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/9/2012 9:07:52 AM

He uses his heat vision to cut his beard I mean.

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