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reek 5/14/2014 7:03:01 PM

 I'm with ElBaz and Monkeyfoot, after a painfully slow start, the last 6 weeks have been a blast and I really enjoyed the finally.  I understand thecriticism that it was a "safe play", it was, but it was almost certainly written before the show secured a second season, which I think just happened last week.  To produce a cliffhanger ending for a show that was technically on the knife edge (viewerhip is holding at a respectable 6 million or so but the production costs have to be pretty high), would have sent the fanboy internet afire with troll rage, and I'd have been right there with my torch and pitchfork.  I think safe was the smart call for this season.  Tim also failed to mention the coolest part about Coulson's take down of Garrets soldiers: Of course he knows what the Loki Gun does!  As for the dual life saving appearances from the Rightous Man himself, Nick Fury, OK, it was a bit Deus Ex Machina, but that's Furies whole deal, always one step ahead.  The only thing I would have liked more was if Jeremy Renner had been the one to pull Fitz and Simmons out of the drink.  As for the mysterious Skye Daddy shown at the end of the episode, I'm prepared for him to be a creation original to the show rather than from the comics, but if I were forced to guess, I would guess maybe The Real Mandarin referenced in the All HAil the King One Shot.   I for one will be counting the days until SHIELD returns, I'm counting on it to wash the taste of stupid raccoon out of my mouth after I drag myself to see GotG.

blankczech 5/14/2014 7:03:57 PM

 Calamity...I jumped ship after episode 2 also, but I looked in 2 or 3 times on oppressively cold winter nights when there wasn't anything better to do on a Tuesday at 8 PM . When Paxton came on board I got back on the bus and watched the last 4 or 5 episodes.  MAoS may not push the envelope like Cable or Premium network shows but It's not  terrible compared to other major network offerings.  Though it hasn't cracked the top 25 rated shows it does very well with males 18-49.

True it's safe and dare I say formulaic but that's Disney (I'm sure Marvel advisors / historians are consulted but anyone who doesn't think Disney calls the shots is delusional).  Another thing Disney does quite often is succeed.  I expect they'll keep tweaking the show until they get it where they want it. They seem determined to make it work.



reek 5/14/2014 7:13:47 PM

 @blankczech, you have just articulately summed up my fears when Disney bought Marvel.  Marvel will retain a large degree of creative control as long as the product in question keeps turning to gold.  What happens when the box office results inevitably start to dip for all CBMs, does Disney step in and turn the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a PG playground?  Goid, I really hope not.

lusiphur 5/14/2014 7:49:35 PM

 @reek - We'll get the chance to see how they handle the more "adult themes" promised in the four Netflix series.

jimvo99 5/14/2014 8:28:21 PM

This whole Coulson alien blood thing is just setting things up to tie it all up with outer space and Phase 3 when Thanos comes a callin' and everyone has to step up and defend Earth.

wolf1026 5/14/2014 8:33:25 PM

 I really don't understand the hate for this show. My daughter and I loved it from the first episode till the last. I went into it expecting it to be about regular shield agents dealing with the marvel world with only occassional ne wlow level villian and heroes introduced. It made it evven more exciting when fury or sif did show up. I think too many people went into it expecting it to be the same level as the multimillion dollar budgeted movies that preceded it. however it is just a tv show. I also never understood all the hate for sky and ward. i thought they did just as good job as everyone else on the show. its a tv show based on a comic book universe, you have to suspend some disbelief. I for one am very happy with the show and my daughter and I both wanted the next episode right away at the end of the finale. we can't wait till next season and for GOTG too.

WarCry 5/14/2014 9:01:47 PM

 I'm actually suprised at how few people are commenting on the fact that Nick Fury pretty much stated that Phil Coulson IS an Avenger. I thought that was a pretty poignant moment.

DarkXid 5/14/2014 11:04:00 PM

 More like an extended synopsis.  

Each to his/her own though.

I will go with a B rating for this episode in whatever variant it comes in.  This was definetly a "B" episode as in a "B" movie.

Jackson pretty much just casually walks on and off the episode without any hurry or purpose.  Seriously, he's almost bored by the things going on and it kind of takes the suspense or danger out of Garrett, which lends itself well to the last shot of Garrett in tone, but you'd think you'd want some escalation of danger near the end to give the scene tension and you have Coulson and Fury chatting about what a nutjob Garrett has become while Garrett is ranting and raving?

I mean an offhand comment is expected, but Fury and Colsoun were like a couple of adults ignoring a child throwing a temper tantrum.  Considering how powerful Garrett is supposed to be that just kind of yanks me out of my suspension of disbelief and is a bit jarring.

Dazzler 5/15/2014 3:46:22 AM

Of course Coulson did not ask Fury what the alien was in the basement for some odd reason.  Guess they want that for next season.  Show is better than over half the other shows out there so I am good for another season. 

Newdude718 5/15/2014 5:33:45 AM

 I thought this episode was great. The review hit the nail on the head with this review. I loved nick fury and colson together they were hilarious. I'm excited about next season show

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