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Shogunn2517 5/14/2013 1:36:04 PM

 Just saw an extended 3 minute trailer of AoS, which is now announced to be on ABCs Tuesday lineup starting this fall.  In it, they not only introduce and give more information on the other characters(including the strong black guy) but also reference Coulson's "apparent" death.

If anyone was actually concerned that he'd be brought back, like nothing happened and no explanation be offered isn't given the creator of the series no credit at all.  As if that were to actually be the case.

ignitethepages 5/14/2013 4:05:43 PM

Agent Coulson is dead because I killed him...or maybe it was Agent Smith.  Wait!  Does that mean I'm the chosen one?

axia777 5/16/2013 8:31:12 AM

Richards is not Cage/Power Man.  Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Shuts Down Luke Cage Speculation.  But who could he be?  That is the new question.


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