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DarthBob 10/25/2013 5:08:18 AM

Maybe I just have post Breaking Bad tramatic stress syndrome.

caredskinfan 10/25/2013 1:43:44 PM

 I am watching this show only for the simple fact that I don't want to stop watching and than hear I missed some kind of awesomness!  So far it has been slow, boring and uninteresting. the characters are lame, and it being a marvel thing, hasn't been much marvel in it. So we got a few seconds of Nick Fury and some blurbs about thor and captain A. I was expecting and I think a lot of others too were expecting a Marvel tv series with marvel stuff and not just the same old same old tv series. So far I'm not impressed.

raynardmuldrake 10/26/2013 4:54:58 PM

Why is it..that most shows on the CW have a lifespan of about 10 years...but on Fox or other channels..we might get a year.

vagabondster 10/26/2013 7:56:08 PM

 guys you need to chill and have some patience. A good series may start slow, but them bam! It hits its stride after building up and goes off running. Im willing to bet that Skye will end up being Spider-woman, as i recall she had some parental issues similar to skye. And did no one even try to consider the remark about the group previously encountering one of the team? This series is going aling bloody beautifully.

Wiseguy 10/26/2013 10:07:16 PM

CW is like the semi-pros while the networks are NFL. They have a different gauge for success than CW.

Smallville probably would've been cancelled on the major networks but was a staple of the CW for 10 years.

AoS has more than double Arrow's viewers yet Arrow is considered a success while others speculate how long before AoS is cancelled at this pace

joe4306 10/27/2013 10:03:53 AM

does anyone besides me hate the term "geek"!!!!!!

raynardmuldrake 10/31/2013 2:30:12 PM

I dont hate it..i'm proud of it. I've been called worse...

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