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gammenon 4/9/2014 2:10:53 PM

Great episode....I was hoping Hand would turn out to be Madam Hydra.  Ward took care of that expectation.

FerretJohn 4/9/2014 3:50:12 PM

 They said it tied in directly to Winter Soldier and they did not disappoint.  Great episode, with an ending I did not see coming.  BUT.... don't relax yet, nothing has ever been what it seemed in the cloak & dagger world of Nick Fury and SHIELD.  Part of me is wondering if Wards betrayal and Hands death is really what it looks like.

almostunbiased 4/9/2014 3:51:18 PM

I wasn't too surprised by anything that happened, but I do think it was written so we didn't really know for sure who and who wasn't Hydra.  I really liked the episode though I am a little disappointed by the ending.

Muenster 4/9/2014 4:20:39 PM

This show sucks. I've tried several times to try and like it, but it just too convoluted and poorly acted to enjoy.

GreatOne 4/9/2014 4:31:24 PM

Skye lived, so that was a huge downer.  Poorly written and executed "moment" between her and Ward ("Oh, you're banging May, but you LOVE me - yes, let's have coffee" - UGH!!).  Another idiot plot point - Ward's being in custody for shooting guy thought to be the Clairvoyant, thinking that he was a turncoat, but then allowed to escort the real Clairvoyant?  So no thought is given that he might help the real one escape?  And his shooting the other guy is just forgotten?  Dumb.

If the show is saved for a 2nd year, it'll be because CA:WS saved it, and nothing more.  Could not be more disappointed in this show.  It's like Fox is behind it, not Marvel.

rogue188 4/9/2014 5:11:06 PM

 I am pretty sure Ward is infiltrating Hydra.

tjanson 4/9/2014 5:43:52 PM

 If Ward is infiltrating HYDRA then he's really doing a job considering he killed 3 agents...

And Good God GreatOne...Skye lived what a downer?  did you REALLY think they would killer her?  smh


tjanson 4/9/2014 5:46:02 PM

 If Ward is infiltrating HYDRA then he's really doing a job considering he killed 3 agents...

And Good God GreatOne...Skye lived what a downer?  did you REALLY think they would killer her?  smh


ElBaz13 4/9/2014 6:27:11 PM

I read an interview with the showrunners Loeb and Bell (post last night's episode) and they said this was planned from the get go. They were in the loop with Marvel Studios (Cap 2 was being filmed when they were starting to put SHIELD together) so they knew all along this was going to happen.

I know a lot of fans complained with the lack of a Hydra presence, well, they had to wait for Cap 2 for the reveal. So Centipede, the Clairvoyant, they were all Hydra. They just didn't want to name them Hydra to spoil the movies' big plot twist.

Well done.

And the Ward turn was planned from the beginning. Brett Dalton was out of the loop until recently which made it cooler. I could also imagine Agent Tripp (Garrett's right hand man) also take over the Ward heavy role on the team. It would also add more ethnicity to the group.

As much as some thing Ward's turn is a ruse to get in Hydra, he did kill 3 agents. You saw them get hit and Hand bled. I'm guessing they will have him as a baddie and have Agent Tripp or Deathlok replace him as the team heavy.

Oh, and they can't kill Skye. My guess is she's Jessica Drew.

GreatOne 4/9/2014 6:39:35 PM

tjanson:  Yes, God is good.  I'm hoping against hope that they do the right thing and kill off a hated character that they clearly miscast and miswrote, and stop this silly nonsense of forcing her down our throats by making her the hub of the show through which all of the other plots/characters are run through.  I  acknowledge that the likelihood of the writers/producers doing the right thing and fixing the problem instead of doubling down isn't good, but what else are talkback shows if not for venting?  Believe me, if they somehow could make the character relevant (and teach her to act), I'd be happy, because that would make the show better.  But all I see is pre-drug addled Lindsay Lohan, and the way everyone becomes overwraught about her, she magically "knows kung fu," and can penetrate highly encrypted computers is just insulting.

rougue188: Agree with tjanson.  Simply no way he's infiltrating Hydra, barring a pathetic act of writing.  Sure, he didn't say, "Hail Hydra," and one would think that Paxton would know whether they were on the same team and act like it (unless, of course, pathetic writing).  And putting 3 bullets into Hand - if that's a fakeout, beyond ridiculous.  But I suppose they could be doing the old, "Ward will go undercover to uncover Hydra, and will shoot 3 agents with paintball guns to fake his way in).

I want to like this show in the worst way, which is why I'm still watching.  But it's getting harder to do.  Maybe once the Netflix shows get up and running we can start to see some crossovers, since theyre loathe to do it with the movie characters.  If Marvel thinks people are going to continue to watch this show with the characters they've given us (aside from Coulson and May), they're sadly mistaken.

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