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GreatOne 4/10/2014 6:50:33 AM

samson: The only reason why Ward’s true beliefs would be up in the air is because of the show’s crappy writing. They have so forced Skye down our throats that it is believable he shot the guy to protect her. Believable in the sense that the idiot writers would think it makes sense and be a surprising plot twist. Hand’s "Is she or isn’t she" falls under the same story - you’re a loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, so your first step in finding out whether the other agents on the plane are loyal - after already determining that a member of the team was - is to blindly air out the plane with automatic gunfire? Please. Agreed that the other "twists" were easily foreseen. Love the Weird Science reference.


blankczech: When launching a t.v. show set in the Marvel Universe, it is beyond stupid to not have characters that even casual fans recognize be a part of the show while becoming familiar with the new characters. Show initially seemed to be a semi-"Monster of the Week" in finding people with abilities (Skye and Deathlok). They could have continued with that as a background story and bringing on known heroes in their early career stages. That would draw an audience in beyond adolescent comic book reading males.


Eldogg42: Different strokes for different folks. As someone who watched BtVS from Day One, and having a peripheral knowledge of Dollhouse, I reject the comparison of Skye to being a typical Whedon female. I’m sure he intended on her being that, but the execution has been so badly botched. Agree that Ward killing the agents is a Whedon move, but again, the setup was so bad. For Angel, his initial turning evil was a complete shock, but well set up in developing the character. His subsequent turns were also logically developed. There is no such background here. He’s been the loyal "heavy hitter" banging one agent, wanting another. Nothing to suggest he was acting duplicitous, as they did with May. Having him turn would have been no different, and no less reasonable, than Fitz or Simmons turning. And I can say poor writing. I am familiar with Whedon’s shows, and that is part of the reason I am still sticking around. I’m not calling for A-Listers - I’d just like to see someone from the Marvel Universe, like Deathlok, that is a known quantity that would be cool to see on t.v. (I think that Fox is missing out on Spider-Man - there are dozens of Spider-Man bad guys, why not show him beating up on some of the lesser-known guys, like the Beetle or the Prowler, in a montage?).


Mayhem: I hate the character of Skye because she is simply beyond believable, the writers are clearly forcing her to the forefront in order make her more important to the show, and I cannot believe they couldn’t find someone better than Ms. Bennet for the role (every other character was decently cast). If you know anything about martial arts, it takes years to become a competent street fighter. Same thing with being able to handle a firearm. Yet because the writers/producers want her to be a popular character, she’s out there taking on trained people twice her size. With May, entirely believable that she’s a badass. Clearly forced here. Just a botched character that needs to be eliminated, or sent in a different direction (like if she becomes Jessica Drew, as others have speculated). I laughed when Skye was the second gun on May - May would have taken out Coulsen and walked 10 feet towards Skye, and Skye would have missed every shot. Just stupid. I’m still watching the show, but patience wearing thin.


lazarus: Resorting to the "if you think you can do better" routine is juvenile. One doesn’t have to be Michael Jordan or Peyton Manning to comment on the performance of professional athletes.


DarkXid 4/10/2014 7:00:03 AM

 Isn't it "Cone of Slience?"

Eldogg42 4/10/2014 7:14:44 AM

GreatOne (BTW i hate calling you that, pretty smart though) The show had to focus on this group of agents in the beginning, not the flavor of the week, because now that they are established, now the can throw in Marvel characters and not be a gimic.

Agent Garret - Marvel Character

Next week: Agent Koenig & Glen Talbot are both Marvel characters, Which btw, Adrian Pasdar looks great as Talbot, with the mustashe and all!!

A couple episodes later, they will introduce Marvel villian Blackout. and Fury & Agent Hill will be back.

Your going to get your Marvel Characters, you just gotta wait until you set up your main cast.

And the thoughts about why Skye was the second gun? She was the only one left on the plane that Coulson trusted. It would of been out of character for Coulson to all of sudden trust/forgive Ward and give him a gun to confront May (who Ward has been sleeping with). Could May of stopped both of them, probably, but as we find out, she wasn't a traitor, just reporting back to Fury.  She Fired Icers at Fitz, so it was obvious she wasn't gonna kill anyone. 

Having Ward turn was the surprse, even though they wanted us to believe it was May, We all saw through that.  I had no idea that Ward was gonna turn, until he offered to take Garret in.

tjanson 4/10/2014 7:30:43 AM

  Dark...I stand corrected...Cone of Silence...As Far As Skye I am not in love with her but also don't hate her...As far as her learning martial arts magically I say POPPYCOCK. First of all do we know that Skye had no training in martial arts prior to the Pilot? Second, we have seen her training with Ward. JUST because we don't see her training every episode does not mean there is not training going on. I mean Christ on A Crutch this is a show based on comic book characters. Didn't Whedon to the same thing with Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Yes she trained but Damn...she becomes the Slayer and all of a sudden she's Bruce Lee? EVer read Captain America #1? Scrawny guy gets the super solider serum and then all of a sudden he's kicking Nazi ass. Ok he's stronger and faster...does that mean he knows how to fight?

I don't need to see training in Wing Chun and frankly...all she has done is pull off a couple of basic moves. Having taken lessons in Isshin ryu karate when I was younger i was quite capable of delivering a handful of basic strikes after just a few lessons. Who said she was a competant street fighter? I have not seen her portrayed in that way at all. And she has the fact that any opponent, particularly a SHIELD agent is going to understimate her. Also there is the fact that Skye has already been revealed as an we know she has abilities of some kind...add to that the unknown effects of the alien-derived drug. We don't know what those things mean...they could mean the Skye does have above normal physical abilities, above normal mental abilites..perhaps the ability to quickly learn and adapt. Blowing Skye off a poor writing is just plain silly.

Chance375 4/10/2014 7:34:39 AM

Loved the episode.  As long as they keep this pace they'll have me in my seat.  Ward turning was an interesting twist.  I think he's got a camera in his eye and was told to kill the agents.  Too bad about hand though, I thought she was hot.

tjanson 4/10/2014 7:48:16 AM

 Interesting theory...some of posed the idea that the low rating despite the hype of the Cap movie was BECAUSE of the cap movie...i.e. for those that did not yet see Winter Soldier they didn't want this week's episode to spoil it.

ElBaz13 4/10/2014 8:19:37 AM


That makes sense. Maybe they had this episode to close after Cap opening, not giving much time for people to see it. I know two people already who didn't watch it (on their PVR) because they hanve't seen Cap 2.

As for Skye. So much hate. Ok, she's not the super badass character and has some annoying moments but she's no f.ucking Jar Jar Binks here.


Eldogg42 4/10/2014 8:33:37 AM

Didn't think about the people holding off watching it.  I also had a buddy who didn't see Cap opening night and was a few episodes behind (just had a kid - still no excuse) and finally got caught up a couple days ago.  I would like to see the DVD ratings for the show.  I know I don't watch live tv anymore (can't stand commercials).

CaptAmerica04 4/10/2014 9:14:31 AM

Tim Janson, good review.  I think it's within possibility only because they have shown that Hand will kill other agents to achieve the mission, and Ward is constantly stated to be this cold-as-ice Specialist.  So it doesn't stretch credulity too far to think Hand would order him to kill the two agents and wound her, and that Ward would follow orders.  HIGHLY UNLIKELY, but not impossible is all I'm saying.

More likely is that Hand isn't somehow dead.  She's a semi-major character in the comics, so I don't see them killing her off.  I know Saffron Burrows struggles at times to bury her native Irish accent, but overall she's done a great job in a key role on the show.  Here's to hoping that she somehow lives.

My only real complaint with the episode was that it wasn't long enough.  I'm really loving this show right now, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us over the next 6 weeks.

*** SPOILERS ***


The nerdist broke the news yesterday that Nick Fury himself will be in the season finale, and now that we all know who the kids' mother was, Cobie Smulders's schedule has apparently freed up enough for her to show up for a full episode or two later this season as well.  So the film tie-ins aren't done yet.



Oh, and Great One, you need to throttle down, or just stop watching the show.  They aren't going to kill off one of the most important characters (that'd be tantamount to them killing off Willow in "Buffy TVS," so just go ahead and give up that dream, man).

rogue188 4/10/2014 9:24:23 AM

Answering to several replies to my earlier post:

Through the comics there have been several SHIELD agenst who have infiltrated organizations. Its actually a quick fix. First off, we never saw Hand die only bleed. Why would they kill her as she had a significant run in the comics? Secondly, its an easy fix for killing three agents. Hand is not dead, and the other two he killed were confirmed Hydra agents that Ward has to dispatch.

Hey, what do I know, right? I am just a fan watching. I don't think its sloppy writing if it went that way, though. I just don't see Ward becoming a recurring villain. He is better served as a love interest for Skye, supposedly.

I guess we'll see.

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