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Shogunn2517 4/10/2014 3:30:50 PM

 First of all, I don't buy anyone who said "they saw IT coming" and judge the writing. Of the entire show because of their clairvoyancy.  Almost EVERYONE was surprised when Tobey Jones(or Armin Zola) came on camera and revealed HYDRA to be a sleeper cell in SHIELD.  So how the hell people going to claim they knew Ward was a bad guy LAST WEEK when Captain America: WS hadn't even came out yet?

I liked the show.  I feel about as much as the reviewer do.  I liked the cat and mouse games, the who can you trust and second guessing that was throughout the ENTIRE episode.  First it was May, then Hand, then Fitz, then Tripp, Coulson, but ultimately Chet(Samson's right, he'll always be Chet) and Ward.  Sorry, I'm not familiar with other Whedon show, so taking a lead character and not killing him, but making him a bad guy, that's pretty ballsy if you ask me.  Even if it turns out to be a rouse(don't think so), still pretty interesting development(IE writing).  It was a well done episode.  I love how much they sourced Captain America, which JUST came out in it(as if we really didn't think they would).  And I'm with ElBaz, I hope Tripp does replace Ward.  Ill be glad to see at least one black mainstay.  Not Deathlok.  That's Deathlok.  You're not going to put such a heavy on a team of rather ordinary people.

Ultimately, I like where they're going with the show.  However, it was said that I think they planned this and wanted to get here and the series kinda just dragged on for 7 months with rather simplistic plots that hasn't inspired folks to keep interest.  I remember saying this before the show started.  If they go the route of a "villain/plot of the week" and not have 5-6 episode arch or a continuous storyline, then people will think they can get away with skipping a week or two, which will turn to a month and eventually you're not watching and the writing sucks, etc.  but I'm glad it's picked up.  Not sure if it'll continue but I like the idea of having filler to tie up storylines from the end of CA:WS to A:AoA.

BunyonSnipe 4/10/2014 4:02:23 PM

@Shogunn2517 CA:TWS came out a week earlier in the UK...

Shogunn2517 4/10/2014 11:26:40 PM

 Very perceptive of you Bunyon.  

I suppose you also knew that U.K. viewers are about 3-4 weeks behind this episode too... Which would make this entire conversation irrelevant to anyone living over there...

GreatOne 4/10/2014 11:46:17 PM

Eldogg42: I am great, hence my name. ; ) I think that they could have established the characters with a flavor of the week and done a better service to the fans (and perhaps make a better show). Why are most of us watching the show? Because of the characters or actors (aside from Coulson)? No, because it’s Marvel - because there was a hope to see some of heroes in a live action setting. Sure, seeing Agent Koenig and Talbot is interesting, but I think they could have done more with the costumed heroes that will never make to the movies. I didn’t realize that Blackout was going to be on, so thanks for mentioning that. I overlooked that there are other villains they could be using in addition to the heroes. Skye looks ridiculous with a gun, projects no competence, and looks like she’s more likely to shoot her own foot than someone else. Wasn’t suggesting that Ward should have held the gun, given his circumstances. Just another, "Let’s make Skye look like a badass by pointing a gun and talking tough to May." Please. I also had no idea that Ward would turn; just didn’t like the execution.


tjanson: It’s one thing to take Tae Kwon Do or Karate. It’s something completely different to train in combat techniques. And it’s something completely different to actually take those techniques and put them into real life. Look, I’ve trained in martial arts, myself for 15 years. I also have a relative in Special Forces. It’s not apples and oranges, it’s different planets. Maybe too much inside baseball on my part. On Buffy, it was a running joke on how one of the benefits of turning into a vampire was obtaining a 3rd Degree Black Belt. But Buffy became the Slayer and became stronger and faster. Don’t remember what training she had before Giles, but she did have some, as well as - most importantly - real-life combat experience. And they constantly showed her and Giles training in addition to regular fighting on patrols. I guess that’s what I’m focusing on. You don’t become Bruce Lee through training, but through training AND fighting. That’s what’s what missing with Skye. Not silly, crappy writing of the type that happens when the writers/producers want us to like a character that we’re not so inclined. Look kiddies! Skye knows Kung Fu and talk tough to May! Aren’t we beyond accepting people becoming bad asses just because they get powers? Even in the Captain America movie, they depict Steve Rogers as someone who was in a lot of fights as a scrawny wimp because he wouldn’t back down. They didn’t give him magical fighting abilities as in the comic book.


CaptAmerica04: Why am I supposed to stop watching the show? Just because you don’t like/agree with my criticisms? Come on, now. And t.v. is replete with characters who clearly don’t work getting written out of the show; no reason not to admit a mistake and move on. Seriously - what does the character add to the show? If Skye were killed off, what function on the team would be missed (aside from an obvious attempt at being eye candy)? As others have said in defense of her, hacking is common place, so not hard to scare up someone else. She is not Willow, not even close. Tara is more like it, since we’re talking Buffy (aside from being Willow’s love interest, what did she add to the show/Scoobies - zip).


rougue188: If Hand is not truly dead, that would only add to my argument about the poor writing on the series. Who is going to be surprised if that occurs? Talk about being a show full of cliches. I will say that while the first shot was a gut shot, the way Ward walked up and shot her afterwards indicated head shots to me. Could be wrong (better not be). A LMD is the only plausible scenario.


Flyincloud: Great points! Completely agree.


Shogunn2517: Speaking for myself, no, I didn’t see any of the purported twists that occurred in the show coming in previous episodes. I’m saying that while watching Wednesday’s show, I could predict where they were going next. Very annoying. And they could easily go with "villain/plot of the week" while still having a continuous storyline. X-Files did it for years. It’s the Marvel Universe, and heroes/villains are everywhere. With the ratings tanking, ti’s obvious that people have not connected with the characters. Time to go in another direction.


Eldogg42 4/11/2014 5:44:12 AM

About Skye's "badass" fighting skills and her "intimidating" gun skills... I didn't see it.  Yes she had training with Ward, that they showed multiple times through out the series.  Plus we don't know how long they have been together as a team. I'm assuming there was a bunch of down time between stories in the beginning for the training.  Plus she is an 0-8-4.  Add to that, Skye looked scared shitless holding a gun to May, which I think was exactly what they were going for.  So it wasn't like all of a sudden she's the Terminator.  I stand by the solid writing so far.  Seeing the bigger picture.  The villian/plot of the week only gets you so far.  if there is no Bigger picture, there is no reason to watch it week to week.  Even saturday morning cartoons have season long plots to tie everything in at the end.  

Flyincloud 4/11/2014 7:30:13 AM

 I saw it coming.

GreatOne 4/11/2014 7:43:45 AM

Eldogg42: Perhaps I am looking at the character/show through a skewed lense (IIRC, Skye did pop off to May when holding the gun on her).  But the abysmal ratings show that I  am not the only one.  Hell, I stuck with Smallville and X-FIles through the end, and still watch Supernatural, so it's not like I give up on shows easily.  Will see how the season plays out.  Will say, again, that I'm not complaining about the season-long arc, and I  think that the show would have been more successful if it had run the arc in the back drop of introducing known comic heroes/villains to the world of live action.  Perhaps instead of just finding out heroes as they're developing their powers, but having the team deal with lesser known villains as well. 

Put another way, at times it seems like I'm watching a show that stole the tile SHIELD from Marvel, but is trying put its own spin on it (like what Hollywood did to "I Am Legend" and "World War Z").  If they called the show anything but MAOS, would it have the audience/hype that it does/did?   Of course not.  It's not as bad as my movie example, as they have Hydra, Sif, Fury, etc., but it sure does't look like a show set in the Marvel Universe as much as I  think it should.  Maybe I'm expecting too much.

ElBaz13 4/11/2014 7:51:41 AM

Ratings are low. People seem to forget that the ratings are high because of the target demographic.

It's up against the highest rated show on TV (NCIS) and one of the highest reality shows on TV (The Voice) which just started a few months ago (when SHIELD's ratings started to really dip)

There have been worst rated shows renewed in the past.


Eldogg42 4/11/2014 9:09:42 AM

And lets not forget.  This isn't some random show.  Its a Marvel Property. Which is now owned by Disney, which owns ABC.  This is one of the smartest marketing plans that Disney could have.  At the very least, this is an hour long commercial for Marvel Movies.  They save money on commercials for the movies and properties.  DC has the WB, which is where the Arrow is, and soon to be Flash series.  Thats why smallville probably lasted so long, and why Arrow will follow suit.  They have backing.  When Gotham starts on FOX, if that show isn't a hit by episode #3, that show will be cancelled wihin a blink of an eye.  So, don't worry, M:AofS will get renewed.  And, They already stated, that if they get renewed, the show will feature more and more Marvel characters.

tjanson 4/11/2014 9:20:40 AM

 Once againg Great One...not sure what you are seeing.  I don't in the least think Skye is a streetfighter ready to take on M. Bison...They showed her basically doing one move the other night.  ONE move.  She didn't go Donnie Yen on the guy.  I saw it as she used the element ot surprise and got lucky.  Was it a little contrived?  Maybe.  But is it any more contrived than Bruce Lee kicking about 50 guys asses in two minutes?  

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