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vagabondster 2/5/2014 2:24:41 PM

WOULD MANIA PLEASE CUT IT OUT WTH THE STUPID VOLKSWAGON AD???????? I JUST WANT TO READ THE ARTICLES, NOT HAVE TO STOP AND RELOAD EVERY TIME THAT STUPID AD COMES UP. Thank you. I thought the ep was pretty good but yeah ot sucks that they gotta preempt it with "important" things like the olympics and whatnot 

samson 2/5/2014 2:31:13 PM

 Guys, the pop ups are making your site virtualy unusable for me.

Anyway, loved this episode. This show is getting better by leeps and bounds. Great review, Tim.

Ofcourse, ABC effs' up the momentum of the show. It's what the broadcast networks do. Yet,they wonder why they are losing viewers and find it hard to launch new shows.

axia777 2/5/2014 2:52:31 PM


samson 2/5/2014 3:58:52 PM


Adblock isn't working for my iPad. It's what i do most of my web browsing on. Desktop is mostly for work.


BunyonSnipe 2/5/2014 4:09:01 PM

Did he just say they need to find a cure for... BULLETS?!?

This sounds like a job for Charles Montgomery Burns!

jimvo99 2/5/2014 8:20:50 PM

Can't wait to see the finished Deathlok product. And I really wanna find out who this Clairvoyant is.

Dazzler 2/6/2014 4:26:20 AM

They are starting to finally listen to fans.  Deathlok is a fine choice to bring in.  I am not sure if Deathlok was black in the comics but race is not an issue this time.  Fine choice.  2nd string character also with no chance for movies is perfect.  I think they are finally getting their heads out of their butts.  I really did not have a problem with cast.  For a sec I thought they were going to end Sky's run on the show.  If anything this show should be a proving ground to see what would be good for movies for solo heroes.  They could even work on the dreaded woman hero demo which I still don't understand why they have trouble writing about women for super hero movies.  They just have to track what people are buying in comic books sales.  I don't mind the breaks in the show.  Give me time to watch the other better shows anyway that are on.  They could run one every 3 weeks for all I care.  Comic people are used to waiting a month for stories anyway.  I wonder if they ever could make a great 1 hour show once a month.  A 12 ep a year is not that bad as long as it's regular.  

ElBaz13 2/6/2014 5:51:17 AM

There were various incarnations of Deathlok and I do believe one of them was black. But Mike Peterson was not one of them. Peterson was created for the show.

Enjoying this show more and more. Still baffled on how Fitz and Skye got off the train to follow the bad guys who had vehicles and get there almost at the same time. LOL!

As for Skye "dying", well, they all hinted there was something special about her a few episodes back so I'm sure she will get out of it. My theory still stands that she is Jessica Drew. We'll wait and see.

ElBaz13 2/6/2014 5:56:01 AM

I also agree about the timing of the episodes. That's what the big major networks seem to do most of the time and I lose interest. I'm seeing that with a few shows right now.

That's why shows on AMC, HBO and Starz rule. No bullshiy. Straight new episodes every week with gaps (on AMC). I soooo much prefer that format. I would rather wait 2-3 months instead of having an episode here and there.  The major networks should just get away with that format. 24 and Lost use to make sure there were no reruns and straight weeks of episodes, why can't that trend continue?


tjanson 2/6/2014 6:24:45 AM

 Two of the Deathloks were black...the original and best Luther Manning, and Michael Collins who starred in the first ongoing Deathlok series that came out in 1990.  John Kelly was white as,,,i think...was the Jack Truman version.

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