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  • Audio Rating: A+
  • Video Rating: A+
  • Packaging Rating: A++
  • Menus Rating: A
  • Extras Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: 2 - Japan
  • Released By: Bandai Visual
  • MSRP: 13440¥
  • Running time: 152
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess Limited Edition Boxset

    June 20, 2001
Release Date: June 20, 2001

Ah! My Goddess Limited Edition Boxset
© Bandai Visual

What They Say
Initial pressing limited edition* High quality DVD edition of the acclaimed anime show based on the work by Kosuke Fujishima. It's a 2-disc set. Disc 1 contains the main feature, and Disc 2 containsspecial features. Comes in a memorial box. DTS audio. Extra bonus features include: 16-page all-color liner note with illustrations by the art director, large-sized postcard, 9 trading card of featuring art from the theatrical movie, 16-page booklet.

The Review!
There are 2 major Region 2 DVD movie releases this year, Escaflowne landed in April, I don't have the movie, but it is one hell of a disk. 2 month later, the most anticipated (don't kill me Escaflowne fans) DVD Movie release of the year, Ah. My Goddess: The Movie Limited Boxset Edition has finally been released. And what a incredible release this is


Before I even peel off the boxset, I have already fell in love with the set, the packaging or design for this boxset is so nice that I can't think of any English word to describe it (well, I don't know that much English word anyways). The cover image is very simple, Belldandy with her goddess outfit on top of earth and the back image is the back of Belldandy with her walking in the sky, sounds too simple? Well, how many people can we find that doesn't want stare at Belldandy?
That is actually not the best part of this packaging. The package itself really fits the word "Boxset" or should I say "BookSet". This set is like a book, you open the cover, then there is a box under it, there are no clips to hold the cover with the box, just like a book cover, you open the cover and there the pages, in this case, the DVDs and other goodies. How did I realized that this is actually a book? when I touched the cover, it actually feel like a hardcover book's cover.

On the flip side of the box, it was filled I think the tree of goddess symbol, I am not sure about this one, but on this set, there are no space that is left blank, they all have something on them.
The entire outer box is colored with sky blue, perfectly suits the color of Belldandy's outfit, makes a very nice and relaxing feeling for the people looking at it.
Overall the package for the box is a very unique and simple one, nothing really fancy, it hits the all the right, make you want hold the box and won't let it go.

The cover for the movie disk is the same the box cover. The case itself is actually a clear case and you can see through some of the character design/sketches right through the case after you removed the insert booklet and disk, very interesting and non-wasteful design for the disk.
The cover for the second extra disk is Keiichi and Belldandy with their race outfit and some scenes either from the OAV and/or Movie. It came with a white case, not much special, but I think they already impressed us enough by the box and first disk's packaging.

Finally, on the cover of movie disk itself, Belldandy is in her goddess outfit and holding earth with her 2 hands. What else can you ask for the packaging?

After I look through the disks (not the content), I got say that they really spent a lot of effort to make this movie a memorable one and I think they have already succeed just by the packaging


Now, let's start the disk. The Menu for this disk is very slick, it actually does not start with menu, it start with the movie, so when you click on the menu button, it take you through a some kind of light tunnel before the menu pops in front of you, the back image is the same as the box cover, the first disk only have few selection, "play, chapter select, trailers and some other usual stuff", no extra though, since there is a entire second disk for it. Very simply and slick, very nicely done.

The Menu for the second disk is different, when you click on each selection, it kind of slide off in all directions and it made it looks it is kind of some puzzle, so when you went to back to menu, it seems the puzzle just went back to pieces. Again, very interesting. (O.K., I got came up with some other English words other than "interesting" here)


I can't really say much about Audio, since none of people here have a DTS setup, so I was very disappointed they didn't have a DD 5.1 soundtrack on the disk also, because the DD 2.0 sounds great, I can imagine what would be sound like in DD 5.1. Where it should be loud, it is loud, where it should be quite, it is very quite, no hissing, no strange crack sounds.
On a DTS system, I can imagine it will be even better, especially at some part of the movie, 5.1 would be just perfect......


What can I say about this one? Nothing, the transfer is very very smooth, image is a fluid and sharp. For Movie like Ah. My Goddess and its content, without spoil anything, a sharp and fluid image is essential. With the transfer of this DVD, the viewer are in for a treat for their life. On top of that, with the 16x9 transfer, the Video part of this DVD just can't anywhere expect on the perfect direction.
As I said, I can't say anything about the video quality, because I got nothing really to say expect "Perfect".


Ah. Yes, Yes. The extras. Actually I had a dual feeling about the extras. On the good side: the extra are excellent, because not just they included all those limited edition Postcards, Trading Cards and booklets, they also provided a extra disk with A LOT of extra stuff. Such as:
- Image board, this section gives us the some actual sketch of the movie, the one are in the movie and was cut from the movie, with the ones are in the movie, you can actually play the clip at the sketch.
- Making of Ah. My Goddess, this one they take us behind scenes of how the movie was made, from the drawing, to voices, to music and to first performance, very very interesting.
- Memory: I am not sure what this section is, but it got Belldandy singing and that's good enough for me. ^__^
As for the postcards, do they really think I am going to send them away? I don't think so, they all too nice. As for the trading card, I probably won't open them until I know there is another version if it somewhere else. ^_^

In the movie disk, there aren't much of extras, since I think most of the disk are taken up by the excellent audio and video transfers and flawless Animation. However it does have the TV and Movie trailers for the movie. The ones most likely you have seen on the Net already.

On the Flip side, I don't really like they only put 48 minutes on the Extra disk, because as everyone has already know this, the movie was cut from like 3 hours to 1 hour and 40 minutes. It would be great if they can put the deleted scene on the second disk, well I guess those deleted scene would be the most treasure item to get now for Ah. My Goddess now.

Content: (Some of the following might be spoilers)

Finally, the content of the show. I hope everyone least know this much that Belldandy's old teacher came back from his eternal seal, with a help of a fairy (let's just call it a fairy, call whatever you want it), he is seeking revenge against the heaven.
While the goddess are fighting him, he has gain control of Belldandy and is using her power to fight against other goddess, and the balance of entire world is weighted on the recovery of Belldandy.

Don't kill me, but I thought this movie is too much over rated, since I have read and followed this movie before it even came out in theaters, I have a very very high expectation for this movie. I was expecting some high flying, action movie, but I forgot that Ah. My Goddess is a love story, not a action movie, so I went to the wrong road completely.
Anyways, the actual movie itself is wonderful, it is filled with emotions, either it is sad, happy or love, they are wonderful expressed, I can clearly feel what the story try to revel and at times I feel myself it actually in the movie. Of course, as mentioned above, there are also action in the movie, which is a surprises for many people since there are like none in the original OAV series, as I said, don't expect any high flying and high impact action.
The only shortcoming for the movie is, the ending is too rushed, I can clearly see they have to rush at end to finish up the movie, personally, I don't really care or give a **** if the movie is 3 hours long, it probably will be even better. Too bad we will never got to see what is been cut (extra there are little parts in the Extra Disk's Storyboard section)

Overall, this movie is a wonderful, even if you are not a love story person, you should least give this movie a try. Of course, if you are a Ah. My Goddess fan, this set without a doubt is MUST GET collection.

Japanese DTS 5.1 Surround sound,Special Edition second Disk,TV Trailers,Movie Trailers,16 Page booklet,5 Movie Postcards,Premium 9 Cards for Limited Edition,Full color booklet insert

Review Equipment
Samsung 5X DVD ROM with PowerDVD


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