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Ummmm, yeah if you are going to mention Spidermans love interests and leave out Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, obviously you have forgotten a lot about the character since you last read the comics.

I mean Black Cat is the one chick that has basically almost broken up Mary Jane and Peter more than any other girl as  Spiderman and Black Cat do have an on again off again romance.

Ford Joins EXPENDABLES 3 (Article) - 8/7/2013 4:47:17 AM

"Greedy and Lazy"-  Yeah ummm I hate to remind Stallone but while I like these movies they are basically just ways for  old action movie actors from the 1980's and 1990's to collect a few last paychecks before they are to old to do anymore action movies.

Willis probably just got tired of making time in his schedule to fly to wherever in the world these movies are being filmed, to shoot less than 10 lines of dialogue and get less than 10 minutes worth of screentime, essentially making a glorified cameo.  He's done it twice he probably did not want to do it a third time.

Also Willis is about the only one of the actors from these movies who still regularly gets work and has movies that are successful.

I mean we saw what happened when The Governator and Stallone both had solo movies come out early this year that both wound up be boxoffice disasters.

True Blood: Dont You Feel Me Review (Article) - 7/24/2013 4:39:29 AM

I watch episodes of this show here and there, I am not really a fan I typically just have it on in the background when there is nothing else on, and I can honestly say FUCK the Vampires, I feel no pity for them in any way shape or form and personally think they are getting what they deserve at the detention camp.

All the vampires in this show with the exception of Warlow (who ironically thinks the Vampires should be exterminated to a degree) are douche bags and either became vampires because they were either sex crazed freaks who were turned or whimps who were scared of their own mortality and have become bloodthirsty monsters who just prey on normal people.

From the looks of the preview from the next episode it looks like the Vampires are going to escape or at least attempt to escape, if they do I hope that some somehow wind with Hep C and wind up spreading it to the rest of the Vampire Population.

I remember reading a quote that rings very true "Vampires are the Preppie Kids/Douche Bags of the Monster Kingdom, you really just want to see them get their asses severly handed to them and watch them be put In their place."


THE WOLVERINE: International Trailer #2 (Article) - 6/12/2013 2:58:44 PM

This movie is looking amazing, much better than the first Wolverine Origins movie which I liked but it was a little disappointing.

"Because Mechs are Cool-Shakes Head"- Calamity Johnson

Dude I do not know if you were being serious or sarcastic, but yeah mechs are awesome and the Silver Samurai in this movie looks a lot cooler and more intimidating than the one in the comics for sure.

TOP TEN LAMEST STAR TREK ALIENS (Article) - 5/15/2013 4:43:10 AM

To Continue my above post you should have added the Chameleon Lizard Guys from Enterprise Season 1, they were somewhat intimidating but only for so long.


TOP TEN LAMEST STAR TREK ALIENS (Article) - 5/15/2013 4:40:31 AM

While I liked Star Trek Voyager a lot lets face it, a lot of its Aliens were just really lame, like the Season 1 robots who kidnapped the Chief Engineer because the could not make more of themselves, the Kazan (which were just Klingon knockoffs as mentioned above), the Hunter Species (I cannot remember what they are called but they were the biggest Predator ripoffs I have ever seen),  and several others I honestly cannot remember.

And then theres The Borg who I loved but were way, way overused in Star Trek Voyager.

New Elysium Poster (Article) - 4/8/2013 9:11:14 PM

 God I hope this movie flops if for no other reason than its going to be nothing more than a "Rich People/Successful People Evil, Poor Destitute People Good."  Its going to be full of far left bullsh*t more than likely which is why Matt  Damon (who is joining Sean Penn, and others in the whacko actors who can't shut their yaps when it comes to politics department).

Damon is having a hard time selling a movie with himself in it anymore, and Foster has not had a hit in years so I doubt this movie will do well honestly. and if it doesn't, good I say.

Saldana for Guardians of the Galaxy? (Article) - 4/5/2013 12:08:10 AM

Man that casting blows, seriously the girl from Avatar, she looks nothing like the character bodywise.

My choice would have been Rachel Nichols (Scarlett from GI JOE Rise of Cobra), she is a decent actress and and can play a tough chick as evidenced by her role on Syfy's Continuum series.  Plus she is insanely hot and looks good when painted green, as evidenced by her small role as the Orion Girl in JJ Abrahms Star Trek.

Mania Review: Oz the Great and Powerful (Article) - 3/8/2013 1:30:30 PM

"Mania gave it a B.....most other reviews pan the crap out of it!"

Ummm it currently has 94 positive reviews and 62 negative, the majority of the reviews for the movie are good, regardless it could have gotten lousy reviews  and I would not care, I don't let movie critics determine what I see this looks like a fun movie and I will probably see it this weekend hopefully.

Dinklage for X-Men Days of Future Past (Article) - 2/14/2013 9:34:04 PM

 Oh God this is an awful thought, but I remember from the 1990's X-Men cartoon  where Mr. Sinister had a lackey named "BRAIN CHILD."  He was located and in charge of Mr. Sinisters Savage Land base, and he was a hilariously awful character who they put in the cartoon simply because he was from the comics I guess.

The best part about him was the way he spoke and extended the pronunctiation of his name LOL- "I AM BRAAAIIIIN CHIIIILLLD!"

I guess this actor could play him I suppose (cringe)


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