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Mania Review: Season of the Witch (Article) - 1/8/2011 8:52:28 PM

Wow a D- that is way to harsh, this film gets a C from me, it wasn't great and the CGI at the end was pretty cheap, but overall I liked the story, characters, costumes, locations, and the acting was pretty good. When it comes out on DVD I will probably pick it up, it was a fun dark sword and sorcery/fantasy film.

Movie Preview 2011 (Article) - 1/7/2011 6:32:22 AM

The Thing Prequel is probably one of the most pointless things ever, I mean seriously give the John Carpenter classic a proper sequel, not a stupid prequel, we know everyone accept two people is going to die then they are going to make it to the American camp where one gets shot and their heilicopter gets blown up, wow great way to end a pointless movie.

PARANORMAL Prequel Scores Victory (Article) - 10/24/2010 9:13:11 PM

Eh Universal had Despicable Me, that was a pretty big hit for them.

GOOSEBUMPS for Ellsworth (Article) - 9/16/2010 3:02:55 AM

My Vote for a book to film adaptation would be Welcome to Dead House, that book was at least in my opinion one of the creepiest and darkest themed/toned book in the series, ironically it was also the first or at least one of the first in the Goosebump series, but that book creeped me out when I was a kid, and it would make a great horror movie if done right.

MACHETE Movie Review (Article) - 9/4/2010 8:13:02 AM

 Well its pretty clear Scytheofluna, will win the "I'm a stupid whiney far left extremist dick award" of the year on this board, I mean seriously dude go kill yourself you whiney prick.

10 Bad Ass Mercenaries In Film (Article) - 8/16/2010 12:16:52 AM

Awwww no love for Boba Fett, I mean technically he was a bounty hunter but still that bascially is a mercenary more or less.

But in all seriousness I love those scenes from Rambo 4 the movie overall is just pretty good but those overly violent action sequences, especially the one where Stallone hacks the guys head off and blows the other guy away when he is less than five feet in front of him are awesome.

OTHER GUYS Shoot to Top (Article) - 8/8/2010 9:00:55 PM

Any straight guy who does not go see The Expendables at least once, deserves to have his MAN CARD revoked and his testicles confiscated, cause he ain't no MAN.

30 Summer Movies Preview: Will Summer Suck? (Article) - 5/12/2010 7:23:14 AM

The only films on this list I will pass on would  be the comedies, the rest I will definitely see, I am really hyped up for:

Iron Man 2

Robin Hood

Prince of Persia (oh boo hoo so the lead actor is not Persian movie still looks awesome)

Toy Story 3

Jonah Hex

The Last Airbender



The Sorcerers Apprentice

The Expendables

Resident Evil 4

IRON MAN 2 Movie Review (Article) - 4/29/2010 7:25:38 AM

Wow a C in other words this film probably will have a B or A rating from most people, either way this film will be huge, and will probably only be topped by Toy Story as far a the Summer Boxoffice goes.

As for the Black Widow character just being thrown in, well yeah thats pretty much to be expected for some of the characters who cannot carry a franchise on their own, they probably will be added in as the franchise progresses theres doesn't necessarily have to be some huge reason for every character to be there or be the focus some are literally there just for the fans, nothing wrong with that.

First SCREAM 4 Teaser Poster (Article) - 4/29/2010 7:15:24 AM

Loved the first 3 and will definitely be seeing this one.


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