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akiraakobus 1/10/2010 9:12:11 AM

My God honestly, yes Cameron lets make another movie that subtlely or not so subtlely slams the U.S., it doesn't matter how tastefully done this film is, the only thing it would do is just reopen old wounds like someone mentioned  before and increase more stupid, retarded Anti-Americanism.  I mean honestly when you have third world retards like Hugo Chavez going to U.N. and criticizing the U.S. and the West for trying to keep Iran from having nukes despite the fact that government is run by an insane relgious regime with ties to terrorist groups, and basically openly beats and has political opponents/prostesters killed, yet Chavez gets applause from other third world nations who agree with his point of view that the U.S. is "The Devil," (the biggest joke I have ever heard).  And despite this you would release a movie like this now, wow why not undo some of the good Obama (who I dislike) has done at slightly improving our image.  Seriously Cameron this movie would be like throwing gasoline into a fire in some countries, a lot of third world countries would probably edit the heck out of it or spin its message as a huge propaganda piece.

Heck if Cameron really wanted to make a poignant film film  that touches on WWII stuff that hasn't been focused on much in the past, how about the attrocities committed by the Japanese against the Chinese and Koreans during that war, few people in the West seem to know about those, but oh wait I forgot Cameron if you did that you would not get to criticize the U.S. policies.

Seriously there is no reason to make this movie now, no one is calling for it, and its not like films about the bombings have  not been made before.



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