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Regularguy 12/5/2009 3:46:20 AM

Spiderhero, Derekrife, and Shac2846:

Derekrife said:

"You do not like comics. You like men running around in tights, which says alot about your mental health."

Well he didn't say he loved comics, so (aside from the mental health jab) I'm not sure of the point of your post. Shac2846 makes a very good point, though, Spiderhero.

But I do want to say to Spiderhero that it's not always clear what your point is either. At points you seem to simply be informing us of your own personal preferences; and, whatever we think of them, it's hard to say you're wrong about your own preferences.

But your post starts off by saying that you're "of this crap about how it's unimaginative to use characters that have been around for years." But why is it crap? You don't argue that 'zoom/pow' IS imaginative (you just say that you're happy with it), nor do you say why other's shouldn't beg for something more than 'zoom/pow.' So are you just trying to tell us what you like (which may be a little trite, but difficult to argue with), or are you trying to criticise those of us who prefer more complex or adult comics?

The end of your post is particularly difficult to comprehend. You say that if you go to a steakhouse you want steak. But by analogy, when we go to comics we want comics. When we go to 'zoom/pow' superhero comics, we want 'zoom/pow' superhero comics. So, again, are we to assume that you a making a point against us "pure comics" fans? If so, you're argument seems to require that comics and 'zoom/pow' comics are coextensive (which I think is fairly obviously false); if not, it's hard to imagine what you're trying to say here.

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