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Alessi Talks CrossGen Movies

By Rob M. Worley     February 25, 2002

CrossGen chiefMark Alessi made some major announcements to fans at MegaCon over the weekend. ComicsContinuum had a nice run-down of all the panel, which included talk of newtitles, online comics and, of course, the CrossGen movie and TV developments.

Alessi toldattendees that there are "serious discussions" underway with partiesin Hollywood to develop all 13 titles currently published by CrossGen. Nospecifics were given.

When CrossGenannounced their entrée into the film world, spearheaded by top comic producerMichael Uslan, they said they would be doing things differently than previouscomic-to-film adaptation. Alessi talked about those differences, emphasizingthat CrossGen is cutting deals that will require projects to move forward on atimely schedule, allow the publisher to benefit from merchandising and also havesome "management control."

Rather thanviewing the projects as big money makers for CrossGen, Alessi said that themovies and TV shows will be used to drive the audience to the comics.


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