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Alexandre Aja Developing COBRA: SPACE PIRATE

The manga/anime property edges closer to Hollywood reality

By Rob M. Worley     August 19, 2010

Cobra the Animation: The Psychogun
© Crunchyroll reports that Piranha 3D director Alexandre Aja has acquired the rights to Buichi Terasawa's manga turned anime Cobra—The Space Pirate.

Aja is said to be a fan of the cartoons since childhood and pursued the rights as his next live-action feature. He's writing a screenplay with Gregory Levasseur. The pair are producing, along with Marc Sessego and Alexandra Milchan.

Deadline provides this description:

In a future where merchant spaceships and ruthless brigands sail across space, Cobra is a notorious rogue pirate whose refusal to align with the United Galaxies Federation or the Pirates Guild puts him on the business end of a huge bounty. As he tries to keep his identity secret and avoid capture, Cobra teams up with a sexy bounty hunter named Jane, who is out to locate her sisters and decode a treasure map tattooed on their backs. Their goal: to liberate a lost treasure on Mars.

The producers are now seeking financing and beginning the work of designing the sci-fi f/x of the film.

And, it'll be in 3D.

"I'll start work on the script soon, but I have been carrying this inside me for 30 years and we are talking to the creature designers of films like Avatar and Star Trek, building a new world and doing it the right way," Aja told Deadline.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry (who hopes Cobra moves faster than the live-action Captain Harlock) for thesubmission.



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