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ALIAS Censored By Printer

It's the dark ages all over again when the new MAX title is labeled "offensive" by American Color Graphics

By Arnold T. Blumberg     August 28, 2001
Source: Marvel Comics

Cover art to ALIAS #1
© 2001 Marvel Comics
You'd think we slipped back fifty years or so, but look around and you'll see it's still the early 21st century. Despite the modern setting, Marvel Comics experienced a taste of the sort of repression and censorship that typified the crusade against comics in the 1950s.

Marvel learned on Wednesday, August 22, that American Color Graphics, based in Sylacauga, Alabama, had decided not to print the new ALIAS #1 one of the inaugural titles in Marvel's new mature MAX line due to its "offensive" contents. The printer actually stopped the presses on this new crime title by Eisner-Award winner Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, despite the absence of any material that sane people would really find offensive (editorial comments are of course mine). Fortunately for Marvel and readers, the Canadian-based Quebecor Printing stepped in to publish the first issue of ALIAS, thus saving the day.

"I'm literally stunned," says Bendis. "I can't imagine that things like this still go on in the world. There's nothing in ALIAS that you wouldn't see on THE SOPRANOS. Perhaps they reacted this way because the story is in comic book form."

Thanks to Quebecor and Marvel's Manufacturing Department, the release date for ALIAS has not been affected. The first issue will still go on sale as planned on September 5. Presumably, the mass ALIAS burnings arranged by those who think comic books are those "funny animal things for kids" will begin on September 6.


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