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Alien 5

By Coming Attractions     July 21, 2005

Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in ALIEN 4, the character she originated in ALIEN
© 2001 Fox

Science Fiction/Horror/Sequel.

20th Century Fox.

Production Company:

Project Phase:
Movies Rumored.

Who's In It:
No one confirmed as yet, but both Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) and Winona Ryder (Call) have voiced their interest to return.

Who's Making It:


Release Date:


Jean-Paul Jeunet's Alien Resurrection brought back many of the familiar trademarks of previous Alien films -- dark, haunted sets; a diverse ensemble of actors facing Nature's ultimate killing machine; the avatice to control a force that cannot be controlled by
a faceless personification of commercial greed; and, of course, the Alien itself along with a new cousin added to its family tree.

Reaction to Alien Resurrection was mixed among the fans of the series. While Jeunet's film brought back the element of strong supporting characters, some felt that there wasn't enough of a presentation for the new faces to make a substantial impact to the audience, or that the film neither matched the tension of the first film or the adrenaline-rush of its 1986 follow-up. Remember Parker from the first Alien, or Private Hudson from Aliens? Have any fan shrines sprouted for Christie or Elgyn in the same manner??

And what of the Newborn hybrid seen in the film's conclusion (and who's design changed substantially over the course of the fourth film's development)? It's all but forgotten while Giger's original creature continues to be immortalized in action figures and cold cast busts.

But the core has been returned to the franchise: that being the return of Ellen Ripley, albeit a Alien/human hybrid. But would an ALIEN 5 feature any of the other survivors from Alien Resurrection or instead set off with just Ripley...or an entirely new group of characters?

Scoop Feedback:

August 20, 1997... Alien Resurrection screenwriter Joss Whedon signed an exclusive $20 mil deal with Twentieth Century Fox. His production company, Mutant Enemy, Inc., will develop projects for the studio -- one of which may become the next Alien
feature. [Sent in anonymously.]

November 30, 1997... Okay, so you've got Ripley back. What
do you do now? Well, hell, make another sequel, of course. We've been keeping a file over the fast few months on any hints an Alien 5 may be in development, and we've been busy collecting it all together.

Weaver has stated that there will definitely be a fifth installment and has even dropped hints that she's ready to begin negotiations with Fox. It's also rumored that both Weaver and Ryder have signed to do two (count them) two new Alien films -- but we feel that's just fanboy wish material at this point. Fox hasn't signed either actress to a fifth film just yet, preferring to test the waters first and see how well AR is received (and makes m-o-n-e-y.) If it goes down (and we expect it will), Weaver's going to be playing in the $20 million dollars league for number five. [Scoops provided by 'Widgett', Michael Bourne, anonymously.]

December 2, 1997... Entertainment Weekly has Fox chairman Tom Rothman confirm that a fifth film is definately a reality, and Joss Whedon mentions he'll be taking first crack at Alien 5 (our inside sources confirm this.) One possible, very early title for the project is mentioned: 'Alien Revelation'. The film may be ready for a Christmas 1999 release. One anonymous scooper tells us that Earth is involved in the storyline but 'not in the way fans think', and Whedon hinted that a "big story" has yet to be told, with the fourth film being a "prologue" to "interesting things" taking place on Earth. Jean-Pierre Jeunet will not return to direct. But with the moderate-but-not-as-much-as-hoped-for opening box office of #4, will the plans for #5 develop as fast as the critter inside John Hurt's chest or stall a la Batman 5?[Scoops sent in by Jo, 'akasch', 'The Clown Prince', 'Ace', 'zltripley', 'D.F. Reaper', 'Lo Fi Boi', anonymously.]

December 14, 1997... So if the thought of an Alien 5 is nothing more than a pipe dream at this point, why is there a connection to (but nothing there) at the website
[Sent in by the sneaky 'Mulch Man'.]

December 23, 1997... Further information about who owns the registry on the Internet "Alien 5" domain name: [Thanks to 'miale'.]

June 21, 1998... A storm of controversy has arose about an Internet rumor that Sigourney Weaver has signed a contract worth $20 million to star in Alien 5. If that were indeed true the industry trades (Variety and The Hollywood Reporter) would have made it front page material. And our Fox contacts insist that the project hasn't progressed farther than the stage of wishful thinking just yet but that if Weaver is to return her asking price would be around that figure. [Credit 'Big Man From Big B.A', and anonymous.]

June 23, 1998... Ok, listen up Alien fans: you're being had by the mainstream press, plain and simple. We don't care if you've seen it reported on MTV, in magazines, on your local radio entertainment show or by the manager of the nearest comic book store. Sigourney Weaver has not signed for twenty million dollars to star in Alien 5. It is a bogus rumor that's gone amok. Weaver's next picture isn't even SF.

We're not discounting a future scenario where Weaver gets twenty million to reprise Ripley again -- it's just that it's not happening right now. [Thanks to the many Alien fans for doing their duty -- hang in there until it does become a reality.]

August 11, 1998... An entertainment report from a British tabloid has sparked the latest round of Internet rumors about Sigourney Weaver's return in a fifth Alien film. According to the gossip Weaver's signed a contract for the fifth film that'll net her a cool $18 million dollars.

The thing is, it just ain't true. Nothing is happening on the Alien 5 front -- nada, zip, zero. And believe us, the amount of posturing and time it took before Weaver committed to the fourth film (let alone the third picture's trials and tribulations development period) means it's extremely unlikely any contract talks have been going on. Right now the Alien 5 possibilities are as cold as Kane's long-dead corpse adrift somewhere in deep space. [Nevertheless, thanks to a multitude of scoopers who were hoping against hope it was true.]

December 22, 1999... While promoting her latest movie Galaxy Quest, Sigourney Weaver was asked by the interviewer of the Sci Fi Wire website if she'd every do another chapter in the Alien movie franchise. "I've always wanted to do one where we go back to the planet from which the alien originally came,"
the acrtress told the website. "But it's never been a serious discussion."

She then added, "I don't know that there are any plans to do another one. It wouldn't surprise me if some time in the next 20 years or so, you see a white-haired Ripley hobbling around out there. But I haven't heard of anything." Our scooper told us that after seeing Weaver in Galaxy Quest, "All I can say is that Ms. Weaver is still looking good. Good enough to kick butt still that is." [That came from 'Of No Consequence'.]

Hey Fox, here's a thought: How about dusting off that Aliens vs. Predator movie script you have kicking around? Commission a nice polish, get a up-and-coming hip director (Tom Tywker of Run Lola Run anyone?), and all you then need is to cast an actress in the lead role. If it's done right, you've got $100 M coming to you -- and you've just rejuvinated both the traditional Alien and Predator franchises. It's pretty simple math when you think about how come it's still not happening?

February 4, 2001... Well, when we get 15,000 A5 scoops out of the blue, you know something's up. Apparently the Sunday Express out of London is reporting that Weaver's signed and Whedon's scribing. Well, let's look at the evidence.

First, it's in a London tabloid. Unless you started reading this site today, then you know that immediately makes any entertainment story suspect to the point of being immediately labelled B.S. Also, they say that Weaver's going to make 15 million pounds off the deal. 15 million pounds is about $22 million US. A little on the high side, if you ask us. Further, when we tried to go to the Express site, the story's not even on there.

And as for Weaver's quote that she wants to do one where the alien gets to Earth? "I've always wanted to do one where we go back to the planet from where the alien originally came or even get to Earth." Scroll up a bit to our 12/22/99 scoop on this same page. Looks similar, doesn't it? An Anonymous scooper even figured this was bogus and pointed that out to us.

Are we saying it's not happening? Yeah, pretty much. In fact, we have no idea why Yahoo and Reuters ran this story, since it is rank with the smell of fecal matter. Ignore this and hope it goes away. [Originally appeared at Reuters and Yahoo; sent in by Anonymous, Erik, Bob, MattW, Matt C, Atomik, Dark Spectre, Brian Freeman, B.D., and two other Anonymous peoples.]

February 5, 2001... Even though the Reuters Alien 5 story continues to be reported as being factual (we've received reports that some Fox affiliated TV stations have carried it!), leave it up to the online press to get the facts. That's exactly what the movie news site Coming Soon! did this afternoon: they got the word straight from 20th Century Fox that the Reuters
story is an out-and-out fabrication. There are no current plans for Alien 5; Sigourney Weaver has not signed a contract; Joss Whedon is not writing the screenplay. It's exactly what we figured it was: nothing.

Like we said, that hasn't stopped Philadelpha's Daily News, or FOX news stations, from carrying the story and thus furthering its spread.

[Good for the crew of Coming Soon for doing the job of what we thought the real press was supposed to do. Also, thanks to 'Internet 24-7', 'Bul B.', Christopher Reeves and anonymous for sending us their reports.]

March 7, 2001... Looks like Sigourney Weaver was making the rounds this morning in New York City. The actress appeared on the Today show this morning where Matt Lauer asked her if there were any plans for a fifth Alien movie. Weaver told the morning hunk-o-rama there were "absolutely no plans at this time to continue with another film." Seems pretty case closed, right? ['TV Watcher' wakes up early to watch what's on.]

Weaver then proceeded across the city to appear on Live With Regis and Kelly and confuse our readers. Regis, being the practical joker we all love to hate, teased Weaver that Alien 5 was going into production. That prompted Sigourney to play along and joke that she was holding out for more money, being offered only
$22 million and that was holding out for $45 M (insert weak audience laughter.) The problem was Weaver never denied the project was moving forward, and thus the confusion began

Some advice, Sig: LET THE FRANCHISE GO, WOMAN. [Alfred Olsen saw it. So did Seth. And so did 'GenXorcist'.]

October 1, 2001... Today's Dark Horizons has a very interesting Alien 5 rumor. According to a DH scooper, Sigourney Weaver was the guest of honor this past Saturday at the Third Annual Williamstown Film Festival in Williamstown, MA. Weaver said 20th Century Fox had approached her about the possibility of doing a fifth movie which she turned down. However, the actress had second thoughts about the idea and began wondering how the story of Ellen Ripley could continue on past the events seen in Alien Resurrection. That apparently led to Weaver calling director Ridley Scott to discuss the idea of doing a fifth Alien movie, this time showing Ripley going to the Aliens' home planet. "I'm meeting with Ridley Scott in two weeks," Weaver told the audience at the Film Festival, adding that they haven't approached Fox yet and that this will be an informal meeting between the two Alien alumni to toss possible ideas around.

[Originally appeared on Dark Horizons.]

December 3, 2001... According to a report that appears today on the Filmjerk website, Fox had a new Alien script that it rejected just last Friday afternoon. Subtitled Invasion, the Alien movie used the Annalee Call character (played by Winona Ryder in Alien: Resurrection) as the story's main character; Ripley wasn't in it at all.

A reason for Fox turning down the script, or the writer of said screenplay, wasn't given by Filmjerk's source. [Originally appeared on Filmjerk.]

January 15, 2002... Latino Review has the opportunity to speak with Black Hawk Down helmer Ridley Scott and ask him how his meeting with Sigourney Weaver went last autumn. It looks like it's still a possibility, with Scott currently deciding what his next project will be.

"I will decide in the next 5 weeks, I'm looking at ALIEN 5 sure. Why not? Maybe. There hasn't been a good Pirate Movie either, so I haven't decided yet. It's in the works," Scott told the website. [Originally appeared on Latino Review.]

March 12, 2002... "Well, James Cameron is involved in it now," said original Alien director Ridley Scott to Total Film magazine, setting off a wave of speculation amongst fans of the popular sci-fi/horror franchise. Scott indicated he's moved away from doing a proposed Alien 5, but his revelation that the Aliens director/writer is somehow involved with the fifth film is certainly a surprise. [Scoop sent in by Alex.]

Or is it? The latest inside report we received about the status of Aliens vs. Predator said that someone who "would be perfect" had been in talks to do the new screenplay. Could our mystery man be James Cameron?

July 7, 2003... Today's Dark Horizons has a scoop that is originally from BBC1, and it's good news to those who've been hoping something can be done to salvage the ALIEN film franchise. According to Horizons source, ALIENS writer/director James Cameron is still contemplating breathing life into a fifth ALIEN film.

"We're looking at doing another one," Cameron is quoted as saying to the BBC. "Something similiar to what we did with ALIENS. A bunch of great characters, and of course Sigourney. I've even discussed the possibility of putting him [Arnold Schwarzenegger] into the ALIEN movie."

Cameron further cemented his interest in returning to deep space by also saying that he wasn't a fan of David Fincher's ALIEN 3. "I couldn't stand ALIEN 3 - how they could just go in there and kill off all these great characters we introduced in aliens, and the correlation between mother and daughter. It stunk, but hopefully I'll get a chance to rectify all that," said the TITANIC director.

And what did Cameron think of TERMINATOR 3, Jonathan Mostow's follow-up to T2? "In one word : Great. There was a small part of me that hoped it wasn't good - but another part of me hope'd it succeeded. And it did."

Cameron also talked about what he might have done if he had directed T3, which you can read by checking Dark Horizons. [BBC1, Dark Horizons.]

July 21, 2005... A scooper sent us an inside up date on the rumored ALIEN 5. This is what he had to report:

So here's the deal, straight from the horse's mouth. "I'd love to - and we're talking", he (Ridley Scott) said. I asked him would it star the originals and he said Sigourney's on-board, and he hopes Lance Henriksen might be interested too. But bottom line "Too early to even speculate...we haven't even finished the script yet".
[Anonymous Scoop]


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lofteelee1 1/29/2006 1:34:02 AM
#2-That's the exact same response I had! There's just no reason to bring her back. Why??? She was totally smashing in the first film and great in the second. Got a big hate on for alien3 and Alien:Resurrection, it is baaaaaad. And that's not good. Why in the hell won't Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shussetts intervene. These movie directors after 'aliens' have betrayed the original mood and idea. It isn't Ridley's, its the other two who were mentioned and of course, Mr. H.R. Giger too! Paul Anderson you bloody idiot. Pfft.
kissstation 3/17/2006 1:52:24 PM
Alien and Aliens are it for me and I encourage everyone to watch them. Scott needs to find time for A5 and bring it back in a big way.
7vonday 5/11/2006 10:16:04 AM
Alien and Aliens were two very good movies. I would have to agree with Cameron when he made the statement: "They killed off a lot of good charaters in Aliens III", BUT IT IS STILL SALVAGABLE! Do not forget about the last two Aliens but use them to your advantage? Go back to Aliens and start from there. At the end of the movie Nute asked Ripley; "Will I Dream"? Why not just pick up from there? I mean would it not be interesting to take bits and pieces of Aliens III & IV and turn them into some what of distorted dream sequence? Call could be Nute now, and Ripley could keeping on having these bad dreams. There could be a war between the Government and the Company and it could all be over rights to occupy a Space Station orbiting a planet called "LV426".
folliesrock 10/10/2006 5:42:20 PM
I read a script on the net that was said to be James Camerons "Alien 5" beginning, made in 2003. The intro of the film begins with rapid clips from Alien 3 and Res, fading into a new dream sequence where Riply faces the alien queen, hearing Newt screaming for help somewhere in the distance. She wakes up from hyper sleep only to see that everyone is just fine, except for Bishop who according to Hicks will have to get "new boots". And the first thing she asks Hicks to do is to scan the computers log of her in transit histograms, which shows she has no alien in her. It´s just the opening sequence but I never thought disregarding 3 and Res a hypersleep dreams would ever work, but it really does, made the right way. Events from these two movies could still be essential for decisions and character change for Ripley. So no matter who wrote that beginning it´s perfect for saving the damage made by "alien 3". The if they want to go on with Scott and Weaver´s vision of the "alien home planet" why not, it could be great. That way Camerons characters (especially the ONLY logical future herione Newt) are saved, and the story can finally take a leap forward. I´m only hoping Cameron will make this happen, together with Scott and Weaver. I do belive that´s what most fans want.
NCRobino1 11/6/2006 5:45:38 PM
Well follie, I hope you are right. I enjoy 3 and Res for what they are, but what we all wanted was a continuation of Aliens. If the studios and filmakers have any sense, they'll continue that storyline ASAP! Alien Vs. Predator is good fun, but isn't the serious story we've come to know and love from the pure Alien movies. Get it together guys!
GentlemenDeath 2/7/2007 11:49:33 PM
Im honestly surprised they havent done another alien movie. i dont know why people dont like alien 3, also. i personally think that was one of the best direction from all the alien films. The camera angles in that movie are some of the coolest moves of a camera from those years i have seen. And people seem to forget that it wasnt %100 up to david fincher, fincher had a %10 decision on that movie. For people who didnt like that movie, hate the company exec's for that one! I liked all of them but if i had to pick one i didnt like it would be alien 4. it was just too....cartoonish almost. I agree that they need to get cameron or ridley scott back and ridley scott has mentioned wanting to possibly do another one, so im not quite sure why they havent jumped on this one yet and instead they jumped on AVP! That was godawful!!! and alien and a f'n predator in a pg-13 i missing somethin?
richardfojtik7 12/26/2007 8:19:21 PM
See Below
richardfojtik7 1/11/2008 7:59:11 PM
My favorite Alien film is Alien Resurrection, because it allowed Sigourney's charter to develop in a new realm of growth. She's is my favorite actress, NOBODY else like her on this planet. I have written a SMALL screen play that I think would make for a kicker ending to the alien series. Read below. Enjoy At the end of Alien Resurrection the ship crashes on earth. Johner & Riess are killed. Ripley and Call are the only survivors. The military arrives on the scene of the crash. Ripley is taken to Weyland’s Science Corp division for examination and questioning. Meanwhile, something is growing at the crash site and starts spreading over the planet like a plague. People start becoming sick everywhere. Hearing the reports coming in, Ripley requests to go back to the crash site. As she arrives, she senses something that the other people can’t, being part alien she realizes something, the aliens set a trap on the ship before it crashed, a virus that starts to affect earth's population. All the military personal at the ships crash site become deathly ill. Ripley realizes that she is unaffected by it because she’s part Alien. Informing Weyland’s Military and science division, Ripley explains the virus’s origin. Meanwhile while Ripley explains the situation a signal from deep space is being received by Weyland Corp Science division. A quick close up of Ripley’s face and a look of amazement appears on her face. As she hears the sound she is able to understand the language, it’s from the Alien’s home planet. She then informs Weyland Science leaders what it says and they locate the Planet. Ripley realizes that there is only one decision to be made. She must go to the home planet of the Alien World. Ripley again is offered a deal to go back into space, which she eventually takes to save her planet. Later Ripley and Call board the ship, a military class vessel. Strangely as she enters the ship she hears a voice that is very familiar to her. She walks on the command deck and standing before her is an unfamiliar face. It’s a woman, she says, Hello Ripley. Ripley replies, who are you and how do you know me. The woman replies it’s me Ripley, Mother. Ripley says, Mother. Yes Ripley I’m Mother, the computer that ran the Nostromo. Ripley says, how can that be, you were destroyed. Mother tells her, I downloaded myself to your small craft before you left. When your ship was salvaged, Weyland created me a body with full emotions. I feel like you feel, almost human. Call walks in and says Hello Mother, Ripley says, you know her. Call says, Yes, she my mother, literally, she created me. She sent me to help you and stop the spread of the Aliens. Call walks up to Mother and hugs her, Mother says, now, let’s begin this journey and put an end to the Alien World. Call and Ripley and Mother begin their trip to the Alien's home planet surrounded by military personal to find an antidote for earth's plaque that is claiming thousands of lives by the day. Arriving at the alien’s planet they start to penetrate the barren looking world searching for answers. As they progress things start to change, cities appear, an alien world that is amazing to their sight. One by one the military is defeated and starts to dwindle, until Ripley, Call and Mother are the only ones left. Mother goes before them clearing the way until something hits her, an alien attack. Ripley and Call try to help her, Mother tells Ripley; don’t let anything happen to my child Call. Mother’s complection turns green and she starts melting and screaming before their eyes. Call devastated falls to the ground. Ripley pulls her up and says, snap out of it. We have to do this, that’s why you were created, remember, do it for her Call. Call stands up and says, OK. As more Alien warriors come towards them, they begin to flee away from Ripley, almost splitting into an open row leading them into a Huge Structure. Ripley turns to Call and says, What’s happening. Eventually Ripley and Call enter an enormous looking room, reminding Ripley of the planet where her original crew were investigating. Ripley says, this is very familiar to me. Once inside, Ripley and Call are taken into a strange place. Very reminiscent of earth. Entering a huge Throne room, Ripley and Call’s mouths fall open wide. An amazing creature stands before them. It’s the Alien Queen, the Queen that is over every alien, The Queen of Queens, the mother of them all, known as Eve. Looking around Ripley is stunned by what she sees, pictures of Earth, and her own home planet and then she sees something that shocks her. Pictures of Ripley herself, in every place where she encountered the aliens from beginning to end. Almost like a shrine. As they are led before the Queen, Stunned and shocked Ripley faces something that she never thought she would ever see or hear in the creatures that tormented her all her life, Intelligence. THE QUEEN SPEAKS!!!! Ripley passes out. As she comes too, she opens her eyes; she’s in a room alone with the queen and a couple of Alien Warrior Princes. As Ripley tries to speak the queen says, LISTEN. It's time for you to know where we come from. Your plant started out very primitive, however as its technology grew so did its arrogance. WE the Alien Race were created by your people. Created for their use, for the wars that would be fought in other galaxies. Destroying other worlds, races of being. We eventually broke free from your world and became enemies of it. You intercepted an SOS Signal where you and your crew found us again. As you started to defeat my race from planet to planet, we decided that you were special, different from your own race, unique. We impregnated you with our seed to create our own race. We have done all of this for our own purpose. Just as your world created us, we have created our own new race, YOU. You Ripley are now our creation and we will use you to destroy your own planet. Ripley begins questioning the queen, "the disease you released on my planet, is that the way you plan to destroy us". The queen says, YES. The queen holds in her claws a vial. Ripley replies, what is that. The queen says, You Ripley have also been infected but because you are part alien you have survived, but only for a short time. This is why we sent our signal to your planet, so you could find us. We know that you are a survivor and would fight for your own life and race. The room begins to spin in Ripley's head, she feels sick. The queen says, you need this, take it and you can live, but you must stay here for you hold the seed that we need to survive. The queen tells Ripley, if you will allow us to take part of your DNA we will create a race of super Alien Humans that we have been planning for these thousands of years. Ripley replies so the signal you sent to earth, my survival on all the planets that I encountered you creatures, this was all a plan leading to this day. The queen says, Yes, you are our greatest hope and creation Ripley. Ripley says, OK, I'll do it. As the queen gives Ripley the antidote, and bows before her, the queen laughs. Suddenly Ripley lifts her head up, a smirk appears on Ripley's face, the queen suddenly screams, what have you done. Ripley says, I'm no longer one of you, YOU BITCH. I'll see you in Hell. (Sticking out of the queen is a tiny pinprick of a new military weapon that was given to Ripley before she left the earth. Running out of the Queens thrown room, Ripley attacked the alien princes on the way out and free's Call. Ripley tells Call, "We have to get back to the ship before this planet is no more." Finally Ripley and Call get to the ship and start fleeing the alien planet. Once in the air the Alien world is totally destoryed. Arriving back on Earth, Ripley goes to Weyland Science Corp and hands them the Antidote. Ripley says, this is it, and will stop the spread of the virus. The science team quickly produces loads of the vaccine for Earth. While this is taking place, Weyland himself appears before Ripley. She says, so you’re a human being, Weyland says yes, I am Ripley. Would you like to be human once again, totally human. Ripley replies, after what you people have done to this planet, creating an alien race. I don’t think so. Weyland says, Ripley, I didn’t do that. I have been trying to remedy that problem. It was my father that did that. Ripley again in shock says, so what do you mean do I want to be human again. Weyland says, I have created a machine, which can actually separate foreign DNA from Human DNA. Ripley decides to go through with it. She is lead into a room with two Tubes like machines. Ripley replies, let’s get on with it. She is put in one of the tubes and as the machine begins, her DNA splits, two images start fazing back and fourth until the alien creature that was inside of Ripley is in one of the Tubes and Ripley in the other. After the smoke clears Ripley walks out of the machine, totally free of the alien race. A smile appears on her face. Suddenly from the other tube glass breaks. Ripley turns her head and sees the alien that was inside of her. The alien jumps towards Weyland, cracking his head into. Ripley runs toward the Alien and with total surprise the alien turns and Ripley pulls out a weapon and blows it’s head into. Ripley leaves Weyland Corp being totally free. Going to the hospital to get treatment for herself, she walks into a packed parking lot. Thousands of people waiting to get inside for help. A little girl stands crying at the very end of the line. Ripley walks up to hear and says what's wrong sweetheart, she says, my mommie died and I'm also very sick. Ripley picks her up and says, Your going to be OK I’ll take care of you. Ripley walks into the hospital with her new child. Again Ripley saves her planet.
alien5writer 6/24/2008 7:51:41 AM
Hi, read my script for "Alien 5" at: go to science fiction, then to extraterrestrial life. name of the script is "Alien 5: Erection". Enjoy you read.
richardfojtik7 7/4/2008 3:17:59 PM
A scoop from - News coming from Mrs. Weaver herself comes something I find VERY exciting and hope that it comes to pass. Here is the scoop from Sigouney Weaver Still Interested in 'Alien 5' Friday, July 4, 2008 By: MrDisgusting While browsing through UK website OK! Magazine, I stumbled across a piece of news that raised one of my eyebrows - Sigouney Weaver is still very much interested in returning as ALIEN heroine Ellen Ripley if 20th Century Fox would ever consider doing an Alien 5. "I would definitely do another if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea," she says of the classic sci-fi movie franchise. "Ridley is enthusiastic about it." Weaver - who first played Ripley in 1979 at the age of 30 before going on to star in ALIENS (1986), ALIEN 3 (1992) and ALIEN: RESURRECTION (1997) - says if sixtysomethings such as Harrison Ford (INDIANA JONES) and Sylvester Stallone (ROCKY, RAMBO) can do it, so can she. Fox, are you listening? Enough of this AvP crap!
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