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All Dwarves from HOBBIT

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

By Jarrod Sarafin     July 18, 2011
Source: TheOneRing

Director Peter Jackson and New Line chose to let the popular fan site unleash their final dwarf photo revelation from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. After releasing the previous dwarves every few days, Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) is the final pic to be revealed to the fans online. Check him and all the rest out down below.

As a young Dwarf prince, Thorin witnessed the destruction and terror wrought when a great fire-breathing Dragon attacked the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. After slaughtering many of Thorin’s kin, the great serpent, Smaug, entered The Lonely Mountain and took possession of its vast store of gold and jewels. No-one came to the aid of the surviving Dwarves, and thus, a once proud and noble race was forced into exile. Through long years of hardship, Thorin grew to be a strong and fearless fighter and revered leader. In his heart a fierce desire grew; a desire to reclaim his homeland and destroy the beast that had brought such misery upon his people. So when fate offers him an unusual ally, he seizes the chance for revenge.

Thorin Oakenshield

The Hobbit Dwarves



Balin and Dwalin

The Hobbit Dwarves



Bombur, Bofur and Bifur

The Hobbit Dwarves



Fili and Kili

The Hobbit Dwarves



Oin and Gloin

The Hobbit Dwarves



Dori, Ori and Nori

The Hobbit Dwarves




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doublerdiner 7/18/2011 3:07:53 AM

It's been a long time since I read the book, so I don't remember what the characters are like or what they look like, but I can honestly say these guys look great!

Dazzler 7/18/2011 4:25:47 AM

I watch the toon every year and listen to it from an audio file in my car several times a year!  I am really exited about this! 

Hobbs 7/18/2011 5:41:13 AM

I like how PJ gave them all a distinct look.  Those names can get confusing so it will be easier to actually see them.

Come on PJ!  Give us a trailer like you did with the LOTR's a year before it game out.

KidLo 7/18/2011 5:45:52 AM

i like how Bombur doesnt look 'all there'. and his weapon is a spooon?! lol

Wiseguy 7/18/2011 6:03:30 AM

Hobbs you're getting ahead of yourself by about 5 motnhs. I remember when the LOTR trailer premiered, talk about giddy. But I'm with you

Hobbs 7/18/2011 7:35:26 AM

Wise, PJ released a full trailer a full year and half before Fellowship came out.  It was the most downloaded trailer at the time I think. That's why I'm hoping he'll do something like that again.

Wiseguy 7/18/2011 7:48:33 AM

Wow was it that early. I remember being excited but I don't recall what film I saw it with. Well let's hope then that he continues the trend.

SmokingFrog77 7/18/2011 7:51:50 AM

Hey, not trying to nitpick, and surely a Tolkienophile will answer this, but isn't Thorin Oakenshield supposed to be the eldest of the party in the book, with a very long beard (coming from the Longbeards and all...)??  Hardly looks to be the case here. Not that that will diminish the AWESOME of the movie one bit, but I just wanted to check if I remembered right.


violator14 7/18/2011 8:43:39 AM

Whoa.... these dwarves look like they can kick some ass!

Hobbs 7/18/2011 9:01:25 AM

I dont' think that internet trailer version was released on the big screen but I could be wrong.  PJ was trying to build interest in LOTR so he blew everyone away by releasing the trailer on the internet and using soundtrack from shawshank and some other movie.

smokingfog, don't know the specifics of the beard but that's the kind of creative room you have to give PJ in order to make a good movie.  I mean, in Two Towers the novel the elves never came to the aid of the humans at Helms deep yet I think it worked perfect for the movie.

Trust Jackson, he's earned it.

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