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  • Art Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: A+
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Released By: Digital Manga Publishing
  • MSRP: 12.95
  • Pages: 165
  • ISBN: 1569707480
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: All Nippon Air Line

All Nippon Air Line Vol. #01 - Paradise at 30,000 Feet

By Julie Rosato     May 06, 2008
Release Date: February 28, 2008

All Nippon Air Line Vol.#01 - Paradise at 30,000 Feet
© Digital Manga Publishing

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Kei Azumaya
Translated by:Sachiko Sato
Adapted by:N/A

What They Say
ANAL - All Nippon Air Lines - is a unique airline company. All of its employees are beautiful gay men. On top of that, relationships between employees, or even between passengers and employees, are highly encouraged! This is of course the premise for many hilarious situations and strange adventures both for them and for their passengers.

The Review
VIVA! A.N.A.L.! Spanka spanka! (Ohhhh!)

JUNE's done a fabulous job with the presentation here. The dust jacket with original coverart has a nice matte finish and a full-color comic on the back, but the rare color plate inside really goes the extra mile. The inside flap has another full-color comic, too. This book's title and subtitle have been reversed for the English version, but both are included on the cover, along with the awesomely cheesy-stylish winged A.N.A.L. logo and accent roses. Inside, the paper used is a bright, heavy stock, and the printing is clean and crisp. Included at the end is a great extra, something I love seeing in compilations like this - a list of publication dates for each of the stories. It's interesting to note that several of these chapters are reprinted from the artist's original doujinshi.

In some ways the art is this book's only shortcoming. There is little background art (instead, sparkles and flowers in abundance), and pages range wildly from lots of white space to incredibly busy with panels packed in tight. Character art is a bit rough, isn't especially attractive as far as BL goes, and most of the faces look the same. However, expressions and comedic timing - which are far more essential in a comedy manga like this - are top notch, and the biggest players are easy to tell apart (context helps the rest). The art works where it counts, and that's what really matters in a book like this. Reproduction is as good as it gets with this publisher.

It really seems like JUNE pulled out all the stops for this book. It looks great and reads fantastically. The touch-up job is just short of amazing; there is a ton of text everywhere, and I didn't spot a single missed aside or SFX. Things do occasionally overwhelm the artwork, but it's hardly surprising given the amount of text to deal with. SFX are subtitled nearby in matching font styles.

Contents:(please note the following may contain spoilers)
A.N.A.L. - All Nippon Air Line - is an upstart of an airline company that is fully staffed by men, and everyone from the Director on down is gay. They aim to please in a Paradise at 30,000 feet - and in the hotel rooms after landing (Ohhh!). This book is a treasury of A.N.A.L. stories!

Over the course of many comic shorts - which read a lot like commercial advertisements or a behind-the-scenes documentary - we meet some of the airline's main players. There's the Company Director, who's an absolute stud. He personally "interviews" every prospective employee to ensure their "qualifications" and he'll bed any man - and make him melt! - for his airline's success. Also, in the uppermost tier of the organization are the elite "Four Kings" - the best, most popular catches in all of A.N.A.L. (aside from the Director, one assumes). There's Kurotori, a gorgeous but horrible heartbreaker (who's secretly a bottom!?), Hiroshi, A.N.A.L. training instructor extraordinaire who has a thing for his turtle, and Aoyagi, whose "miracle voice" brings every man to orgasm. The fourth...well, he's still a mystery!

But there are lots of other A.N.A.L. enthusiasts between these pages - passengers and crewmen alike. There's Ana Sui, a Chinese martial artist in search of a top to his bottom; he graces every Peking-based flight in his exotic garb, while defending himself against the many challengers of love! There's also Takeshita, a beautiful young steward with a bald fetish who breaks the heart of a crewman with a healthy head of hair. And how about Romeo & Juliet style romances between the men of A.N.A.L. and their rival airlines? And of course there are specially-themed flights for the fetish fans! There's personally-made milky calpis to drink and special A.N.A.L. curry to eat! And don't forget those special First-class services! With so much pleasure to choose from...wouldn't you, too, like to experience A.N.A.L. today?

Some people just aren't going to get this book, but it had me by the back cover alone. I was barking out laughter before I even finished the little comic it's comprised of, so I knew I was in for some real fun here. The humor is, as you should expect, full of cheesy entendre, anus gags, fetish fun, penis wordplay, cheap shots, ridiculous asides - truly it abounds in the lowest manners, and does so delightfully and unapologetically. If you've got a twelve-year-old's finely-honed sense of humor, or if you're a BL fan who likes to laugh at blatant, over-the-top homo gags, book a ticket right here.

This is also a great book to keep around for reading in snippets. The short vignettes, ranging one to several pages, need no continuity and reading in spurts will keep the humor fresh and funny. This book was right up my humor-alley so I laughed all the way through in one sitting, but the "infomercial" spin is repetitive and it's easy for low-brow gags that get a big laugh at the beginning to grow stale and lose steam by the end. (If you're worried about stamina, do A.N.A.L. quickly and often - you'll enjoy it more!)

I rated this book an A for Awesomely Funny, but if you like your humor mature and subtle, or want your BL to take itself seriously - fly right on past. Likewise, if you're looking for graphic content.


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