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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ragtag Review by Tim Janson, Columnista and Critic
(May 06, 2014)

Mania Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic
(May 02, 2014)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features a serious spoiler that’s been haunting me. Most fans suspect a moment that more casual viewers may not be aware of, and said moment is very important to the fabric of the film. It’s here, and they present it with grace

Arrow: City of Blood Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(May 01, 2014)
Ollie was limping! I am so happy! I mentioned last week that I hoped the writers did not just forget about the serious knee injury that he suffered as if it never happened. When we see Oliver for the first time he is still walking with a heavy limp…of

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nothing Personal Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 30, 2014)

Book Review: Andre The Giant: Life and Legend by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(April 30, 2014)

Arrow: Seeing Red Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 24, 2014)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Only Light in the Darkness REVIEW by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 23, 2014)
Definitely have mixed feelings about this week’s episode of MAOS. On one hand it was another reasonably good episode although not as good as the last two weeks. On the other hand the two story lines both seemed rushed and left too many questions unansw

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 17, 2014)
The Man Under the Hood follows up the strong episode from two weeks ago as Arrow begins to build steam towards the season two finale. In the previous episode, Deathstroke revealed to Thea that Malcolm Merlyn was her father and revealed to Laurel Lance tha

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 16, 2014)
Any questions about whether Agent Ward had really turned and was working with HYDRA were quickly tossed out the window in “Providence”. Displaying more personality and depth than he has all season Ward relates with cool but brazen cockiness how he gai

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn Turn Turn Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 09, 2014)
***WARNING SPOLIERS*** The spoiler warning above is more sarcastic than anything because unless you placed yourself in the dome of silence this past week (and extra points if you GET that reference) you know it was damn near impossible to avoid spoilers

Arrow: Deathstroke Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 04, 2014)
Now that’s timing! I was just thinking to myself, “Whatever happened to Summer Glau?”, and here she comes back with a vengeance this week. Honestly I thought perhaps the writers had lost interest in her character, Isabel Rochev, who had not been se

Mania Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic
(April 03, 2014)
We're reaching Everest-level heights here, the kind rarely seen by superhero movies of any sort. Richard Donner's Superman, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, and now Captain America: The Winter Soldier: the best adaptation yet from Marvel Comics' alread

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The End of the Beginning Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(April 02, 2014)
I lamented the fact that after building up a good head of momentum in its last episode we would have to wait another three weeks until the next installment of Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We need not have worried as the show returns from the brief hiatu

The Walking Dead: A Review by Hanso, Contributor
(March 31, 2014)

Arrow: Birds of Prey Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 27, 2014)
Several weeks back when I looked at the titles of upcoming Arrow episodes “Birds of Prey” was one I circled with anticipation. Might we see Oracle? Batgirl? Hawkgirl? Could we see any of the other members that have graced the pages of DC Comics ove

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and The Punisher Blu-Ray Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 25, 2014)
While Marvel has enjoyed tremendous success with their big screen theatrical films, they have lagged in recent years when it comes to animated features. Marvel had partnered with Lionsgate to produce eight, direct-to-video films from 2006 – 2011. In 20

The Walking Dead: Us Review by Hanso, Contributor
(March 24, 2014)
his is it, the final episode before the season finale. Coming off one of the best episodes of the season there was no way to go but down but it did manage to set up the pieces for the finale next week. So here we go to the end of the line.

Arrow: Suicide Squad Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 20, 2014)

The Walking Dead: The Grove Review by Hanso, Contributor
(March 17, 2014)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 12, 2014)
See! Now that is smart writing…distract us from the many questions last week’s episode raised by having a guest appearance by Asgard’s Lady Sif. As we saw at the end of last week’s installment the beautiful Asgardian Lorelei (the younger sister of

The Walking Dead: Alone Review by Hanso, Contributor
(March 11, 2014)

The Shadow Collectors Edition Blu-ray Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 10, 2014)
When I look back at the 1994 film, The Shadow I do so with one part fondness and three parts disappointment over what could have been. As a fan of The Shadow for many years I was especially enthusiastic about the production since it had been nearly 50 yea

Mania Review: 300: Rise of an Empire by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic
(March 07, 2014)
300: Rise of an Empire plays like a collection of webisodes on the Blu-ray of the first film: not a movie in and of itself, so much as an elaborate support of another movie. It covers events before, during and after the Battle of Thermopylae, charting how

Arrow: The Promise Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 06, 2014)
This week’s arrow picks up right where last week’s episode left off. Oliver has returned home only to find Slade Wilson cozying up to his mother after making a significant contribution to her campaign fund. Oliver can barely contain his rage at the m

Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(March 05, 2014)
Of all of the recent Marvel Comics based films Thor: The Dark World is the one that is the least…uhh…comic bookish.  In fact the film is as much Science Fantasy as anything else.  Much of the action takes place off Earth and doesn’t involve a threa

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