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gauleyboy420 11/3/2009 12:36:16 PM

Choose the form of the destructor.... Choose and perish....


Geoff Johns just popped in there

gauleyboy420 11/3/2009 12:37:45 PM

Also I really don't get what that augmented reality thing is...are there holograms on top of your blu-ray box?

fft5305 11/3/2009 12:41:23 PM

Can't wait for IM2. We need a trailer... STAT!

Waiting for the first images of Hawkman, too. Should be interesting. Hope it won't be cheesy...

Matador 11/3/2009 12:44:52 PM

I may not buy individual comic books but I do pick up the graphic novels its cheaper and has the story rolled into one book. Sure you gotta wait a bit but I'm not in a hurry. Not to mention you can pick them up super cheap on Amazon. That's how I got all my Marvel from Dissassmbled, House of M, Civil Wars, and WW Hulk. I'm all about saving the Benjamins too.

Yeah there's been sh**ty movies but that's how Marvel made some bucks too from Sony renting there licenses. Marvel just had to prostitute there children to make some money in the long run it paid off. They have there own studio and now Disney wants them. Sure Dardevil, Spiderman, F4, and the X-Men gotta wash themselfes more than once to get the stains off of what Sony & company did to them but hey they'll be fine. Marvel will get them back someday.

Cheesey1 11/3/2009 1:49:49 PM

WiseGuy, based on the underlying data, the price increase didn't hurt them  The decrease in their publishing segment was from advertising (every media company is posting lower advertising revenue) and custom publishing.  Book revenue itself increased.  Here's what they said:

Q3 2009 Publishing Segment net sales declined 6%, or $2 million, compared to Q3 2008 and were in line with Q2 2009 net sales. The year-over-year decline principally reflects $3.2 million in lower custom publishing and advertising revenue compared to the prior year period, partially offset by a year-over-year increase of $1.6 million in revenue from the book market. Operating income declined by $2.5 million, or 19.7%, on a year-over-year basis, to $10.2 million and operating margin decreased to 32% in Q3 2009 versus 37% in Q3 2008, principally due to an increase in talent costs and the decrease in custom publishing which carries a higher margin.



Cheesey1 11/3/2009 1:58:35 PM

Gauley, when you strip it down to the essential publishing revenue, the price increase apparently hasn't hurt them, no matter what the 50 or so posters on various forums might hope.  Also, I'm pretty sure that Marvel has picked up a fair number of new readers with the success of Iron Man (the Incredible Hulk partially) and their very popular cartoons i.e. Spectacular Spider Man, Wolverine and the X-Men and Iron Man Armoured Adventures and I think Superhero Squad will help get the kiddies interested.   Even Wolverine the film probably brought on a few new readers.   They took a gamble with raising the prices and it seems to have worked, but time will tell.

ponyboy76 11/3/2009 2:19:26 PM

I`m like Matador. i stopped buying individiual comics awhile back and just waited for the graphic sized novle to come out which comes out pretty quickly these days. Actually, now I don't even buy the graphic novels unless I really really want to have it in the collection. I go online and download comics in .CBR format. They get posted on torrent sites the usually the Thursday after. I just read them via comical and them keep them on an external HD. It has saved me tons of cash and I caught up with every major title that I had missed in the last few years. I wonder how much if any revenue Marvel loses because of that?

And why does Marmaduke have to speak? All he ever did was knock people over and lick them. I definitely rather watch a Heathcliff movie.Who were the other crew that lived in the junkyard?

hanso 11/3/2009 3:27:50 PM

Ponyboy has it right, download them if you don't have the bucks and still want to keep up with the books.  I don't read them much but I ocassionally will download a few, just downloaded a few issues of Walking Dead and the Blackest Night.

Oh and not only are they usually out the next day like Ponyboy said but they usually have every single title that was released.  Gotta love torrents.

Wiseguy 11/3/2009 4:11:34 PM

Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. There are too many people who think that the only thing that's right is to get by, and the only thing that's wrong is to get caught.-JC Watts

Wiseguy 11/3/2009 4:16:05 PM

Thanks Cheesy. I remember Marvel saying that they were prepared to loose some readers but as long as the profit margins remained in line they'd be happy. We'll see if Disney brings about any change in this, I'd think you want to broaden your comic reader base regardless of how well the other ventures are doing

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