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Cheesey1 11/3/2009 6:42:08 PM

No prob.

gauleyboy420 11/3/2009 11:06:27 PM

I can't read comics on screen...I like my paper

garygriffith03@yahoo.com_home 11/4/2009 3:09:17 AM

seeing other dc superheroes in smallville is good. hawkman is a good superhero,but unfortunately

he is dead in the comic book(check out the blackest night and grren lantern books).

ponyboy76 11/4/2009 5:00:15 AM

I know most people have a problem with big comic book events but the one plus I have found is that I started checking out DC again, only because of Blackest Night.

I don't have the money to be so morally  subjective. Why should I be denied the pleasure of reading my favorite comic book or listening to an album I want because I lack the necessary funds to purchase it?

Wiseguy 11/4/2009 7:57:52 AM

Yeah, you're right. I'm going to steal the S600 that I've been wanting for so long but can't afford. Fukking A man why should I deny myself that pleasure. I hear you man, my morals are all screwed up

ponyboy76 11/6/2009 6:16:12 AM

steal away dude, steal away, if you can get away wth it. more power to you.

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