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  • Episode: Blood Brothers (Season 1, Episode 5)
  • Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly
  • Written By: J.H. Wyman (creator), Cole Maliska
  • Directed By: Omar Madha
  • Network: FOX
  • Studio: Warner Brothers
  • Series:

ALMOST HUMAN: Blood Brothers Review

A futuristic twist

By Jarrett Kruse     December 11, 2013

This week on Almost Human

Almost Human returns to form this week  after a slight fumble last week. However after doing some research about the previous episode I discovered that it was shown out of order so some forgiveness is in order. To that effect Kennex and Dorian get it right in episode five in a terrific installment that takes a plot we've seen before and gives it a futuristic twist. I liked that they are able to capitalize on their solid start and bouncing back after last week. Plus as we already mentioned, shows like this have a short shelf-life on the FOX network so it was imperative that it got back on the horse quickly.

We've seen the scenario a thousand times in some variation and this time a rich well to do citizen is on trial for offing a pillar of the community. The late Dr. Fuller has perished with three brutal gunshots to the chest and head. While the sinister Ethan Avery thinks that he will surely get off Scot-free, there are two witnesses to his crime for which he is on trial. Without them, the people's case will surely fall apart and Avery will walk. Maya Vaughn and Haley Myers are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and separately witness the crime that now has them in protective custody. While Captain Maldonado's testimony does not do much against Avery's high powered attorney, witness Haley Myers is prepared to give her testimony via hologram to the courtroom. But before she can begin she is taken out using armor-piercing bullets along with the cop protecting them. Hearing the shots while in the bathroom, Maya books into the nearby wilderness for shelter and hiding. Dorian is able to recover the witness unscathed but when the gang regroups at the police HQ, Rudy is able to pull a voice recording from the assailant and it matches...Ethan Avery. Huh? I know, I know but it gets better.

While cloning has been perfected in the future the practice has been deemed illegal so the team is fuzzy on just how another Avery could exist outside of the courtroom and his cell. Upon deeper digging it is revealed that the late Dr. Fuller worked out of his mothers home but when cloning was deemed illegal he was forced to refocus his efforts in medicine. I should mention that Maya has had a brain procedure that is supposed to make people psychic and she is one of the rare results of it working. After receiving a “message” from the now deceased Haley, she leaves the precinct before Dorian and Kennex can pick the loopy witness up. While heading back to the station and giving the guys free readings, their patrol car is intercepted by a van of masked men shooting up the car. Maya is hit and receives a bullet wound to the collarbone is may be bleeding internally. Not good considering that she is the only thing between Avery and his freedom.

Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly) is finally given something to do this week and  she and her synthetic go and check out a lead that turns out to be the safe-house of the Avery clones. She discovers the link between Avery and Dr. Fuller and finds that the late doctor was going to go public with his findings exposing the psychopath and his many clones. Just after the MX sends the information to HQ the clones kill him and take Stahl hostage. In a clever finale that uses the already established and very cool holographic technology an action charged finale has the exchange of the real Avery for Stahl go down and it really works well. I was expecting a ho-hum finale but they took the not-so distant technology and really made it sing. Plus it was damn cool to see Dorian let loose and toss a van filled with clones. Who knew that he had that kind of strength.

Overall it was nice to see more fleshing out of the characters and especially to see Stahl and Kennex do a little covert flirting. While they keep it mostly business it is nice to see Kennex let his guard down a little. Not too many zingers from Dorian in this installment but the action makes up for it. Although I have to say that the trademark humor that they have been establishing needs to be there; it just works better with it there. I continue to look forward to seeing this freshman show make its case to get picked up for next year because it is the best new thing of the season.
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Iridan 12/11/2013 4:30:45 AM

Very good episode, but the whole psychic thing seemed a little tired to me.

And how did the clones know where the safe house was? I thought they got the the frequency thing from the synthetic they killed at the safe house. So, unless I missed it, there was no explanation as to how they found it.

dalgoda 12/11/2013 7:24:33 AM

My son and I are really liking this show.  The ratings are a bit low so hopefully it survives for another season.

Davewriter 12/11/2013 8:26:32 AM

Episodes shown out of order...?  On Fox...?  Nah, couldn't happen.  Ever!

If I had to hear the "but on a good day I'm a petite..." line one more time... Knife close by... small animals... arghhh!  And Mr Tech - I can make fortunes on top of fortunes on tech - but he doesn't recognize the little holo things mounted on the ceiling?  All so they can turn a cow pasture into a holo deck? 

The real draw for me is the charactor interaction - and that was still fun.  Fun enough that it is keeping me coming back...

monkeyfoot 12/11/2013 9:01:25 AM

The show's just not hitting the mark for me. I thought this was a very good story idea with lots of interesting futuristic twists and potentials but I didn't like the execution of it. I think overall the execution of the show feels like it was made in the early 90s in the way movies and TV made this type of sci-fi then. It's sort of a "Hey, look at this kids, they're clones! Isn't that cool?" The only example I can give is it feels like I'm watching episodes of William Shatner's Tek War TV series which I kind of enjoyed at that time but would be absolutley silly if they made it the same way now.

I did however, really like Maya. She was totally different from the way others on the show usually are. Her abilities make me wonder if this operation does create psychics with measurable abilities I would think there would be alot more like her around. I would think the government and local police departments like our heroes would make a point of having one available for their insight. But I liked Maya's character so much I'd actually like her to be a series regular who they go to for psychic info.

redhairs99 12/12/2013 9:29:15 AM

Iridan, they found a small tracking device on the deputy at the witness safehouse.  That's how the clones found them.  The only other explanation they gave on this was that someone must've found out who was on protective detail and planted the device on him.  It was pretty small.  Looked like one of those "washers" with the internal teeth for screws.

And, Jarrett, I didn't get the impression that the home that Stahl visited and was captured in was the safe-house for the clones.  I assumed that was Dr. Fuller's home and the clones tracked her there because they were monitoring the police channels as her MX unit was broadcasting/reporting their positions.

Iridan 12/12/2013 11:33:13 AM

Thanks. I recall now.

Somehow I'm getting the feeling that the cop with the crew cut is going to turn out to be dirty.



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