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Almost Human Review

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  • Episode: You are Here (Season 1, Episode 8)
  • Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly
  • Written By: Naren Shankar and J.H. Wyman
  • Directed By: Sam Hill
  • Network: FOX
  • Studio: Frequency Films, Bad Robot, Warner Bros. Television
  • Series:

ALMOST HUMAN: You are Here Review

A departure this week

By Jarrett Kruse     January 16, 2014

ALMOST HUMAN: You are Here Review
© Warner Bros.

Almost Human takes a departure this week and look to the future. Not just to 2070 but somewhere else, someplace different. It should be noted that this was just the second episode that made but the 8th to air!

And it is damn easy to to easy to tell too because character development wise they wise cracking duo have clearly not gotten to their comfort level yet. This is one of the problems that FOX has had with new Sci-Fi shows that they fear are going to peter out like say a little show called Firefly. Ironically shows like Firefly became bigger than any TV studio exec could have guessed. Both FOX and creator Joss Whedon never dreamed they would reap twelve years of twelves years in the 'Verse! From a fan viewpoint Almost Human has been a breakout hit but it takes a step backwards when it does not capitalize on the momentum that has has been built with all of the characters and that bugs the hell out of me.

Kennex is still in some kind of emotional rehab through the department management and it makes it difficult to follow because it feels like rehashed material or maybe even a flashback that doesn't belong. Whichever way to slice it, it just does not fit right in its spot. It is also odd to hear Keenex discuss Annex' ex-girlfriend but I am still not sure whether they are still together. Its basically a mash-up of a past, present and future episode. And with a three week hiatus coming up we won't have any new episodes until...February 10! What? I need my Almost Human Fix! The good news is that we are only four short episodes from meeting the Firefly 12-episode lock. That will be a real coup for the show and will really really get the show some much needed buzz. Its crazy how history or should I say the future is being relived.

This week's episode of “You Are Here” continues to show the impressive tech that the not so distant future holds. While Captain Maldonado continues to look into just how the Kennex attack that left him legless and without a partner.  The newly minted duo are feel the urge to find out just what caused the shooting and explosion but to tell you the truth after the pilot, I simply forgot about. The second episode should have stat exactly where it was—in the spot after the pilot. Is it too much to ask non-sitcom shows to go in their regular route; especially a freshman series at that.

It was interesting to see and hear about the trajectory of the “You Are Here” bullets and just how close we are to this kind of technology. From armor piercing bullets to bullets that are “assigned” for certain people to drones that can track our every location. The future is here my friends and Almost Human is proving that again and again every week. The best thing about the future tech is that none of it seems to be completely out of the realm of possibility making it all the more real and too far off.

More so, a few questions that fans have been looking for answers to – like Kennex not making use of other synthetics while in the field or Richard’s general feelings toward the famed duo – were legitimately addressed, proving that, though the series has been aired out of order (thanks to scheduling), an earnest intent was made to fully develop the series early-on in its existence. The muddled schedule and out of order mess does not not lend itself well to the best new show of the '13-'14 season. 

These seemingly constant hiatus' are not doing anything to help reel in viewers except the only thing I can imagine that new fans may say “oh hey,  I didn't miss that much!” which as we know is a total fallacy. Still at is central core I still believe in Almost Human as the best new show of the season. Now if we can just get the show back on the right order to save it. And I wanted to point out that for the second show where Kennex is talking in an anger management group, he does seem relatively welcome to be back to his chaotic life of synthetics and high minded MX's & DRN's.


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Iridan 1/17/2014 4:36:56 AM

Dude, you really needed to proof read this article. It was very hard to read.

CaptAmerica04 1/17/2014 8:09:16 AM

^^^ What he said. ^^^

I do agree that this episode felt way out of place in the chronology and development arc of the characters.  But "Best New Show of the '13-'14 season" might be a bit of a stretch.  Sleepy Hollow and Intelligence are also stand-out shows that could be argued to be better in some aspects.

redhairs99 1/17/2014 10:26:06 AM

FOX strikes again,eh?  I wondered why this episode felt so "off."  I didn't realize when watching that it was actually the second episode of the series.

And I agree that these hiatuses are getting ridiculous.  This is the second show this week that's had back to back to new epsiodes after a break and then again "back in 3 weeks."  As much as I hated the prolonged wait between halves of shows like The Walking Dead, if all they are going to do is come back after a month off, show 2 episodes and then go off for another month, I'd rather just wait the 2 - 2 and half months bewteen halves.



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