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  • Episode: PERCEPTION (Season 1 Episode 9 )
  • Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly, Mackenzie Crook, Michael Irby
  • Written By: J.H. Wyman (creator), Sarah Goldfinger
  • Directed By: Mimi Leder
  • Network: FOX
  • Studio: Warner Borthers
  • Series:


Continues its stellar run

By Jarrett Kruse     February 12, 2014


Almost Human continues its stellar run of episodes in its freshman season with Monday night's installment entitled “Perception.” Its super cool mix of sci-fi and dramedy has made Almost Human must-see TV on FOX Monday nights. After last week's four star episode, Almost Human continues its hot streak with an outstanding whodunnit for the future. It is not just the characters that are working but the tech of 2048 integrates perfectly into the narrative. After the mixing up of episodes in its first ten installments, it seems that things are finally correctly back on track without any jumping around to stuff that we had no idea about. The show is now cemented in a truly excellent groove that will hopefully bring more of the coveted 18-49 year old viewers and securing a second season.

The episode opens with Kennex still suffering a form of post-traumatic stress disorder while trying to sleep. He has been fighting with his memory of the ambush that led to him losing his leg and his pictures of his love Anna haunt him. Plus she was clearly in on said ambush that killed all of those cops and robbing Kennex of an important appendage. Later in the episode we see that he has become dependent on a drug called “Membliss” that helps him remember details of the incident. It opens doors and memories of just exactly what happened that fateful day and just who Anna really was. He is also seeing a “recollectionist” on the sly that is helping him piece together exactly just what happened that fateful day. Both Dorian and Captain Maldonado know Kennex well enough to know that something is off and that the grizzled detective is in need of some professional help. 

But back to the core and main storyline of this weeks episode which was pretty awesome in my opinion. Two teenage girls are dead from the uber-wealthy Mendel Academy and they both overdosed on a designer drug called Vero. Both of the victims were genetically engineered kids called “Chromes” which basically means that they excel at everything they do. The majority of genetic defects in Chromes get corrected in the womb including flaws like drug addiction so it is especially strange that it appears that these girls overdosed on drugs. As it turns out, hottie Detective Stahl (Minka Kelly) is a Chrome and is assigned to interview the kids at school because she had a similar upbringing. They make it clear that you have to have major bucks to have a Chrome kid rather than a natural child. The guys find that the deceased girl from seven months earlier was not a Chrome and was found drowned despite being a strong swimmer. Hmmm.

The episode is excellently paced with excellent direction by big time director Mimi Leder (Deep Impact, The Peacemaker). I think that having a feature director at the helm of this episode speaks volumes about the quality of the program. The smarmy rich snobby kids are super secretive and really obnoxious with a sense of entitlement that most definitely reflects the kids of today. The leads follow an interesting path and it comes down to the rich versus the poor as it always seems to. Still I did not call just who in fact was the killer in the case. The mystery is weaved very well and it makes for excellent TV. Through twists and turns the narrative is structured perfectly and I particularly liked how they integrated Kennnex' breakdown into the case. It gets so bad that during a “flash” while driving, Kennex and Dorian get into a minor car wreck. It leaves Dorian with a minor ear injury that forces him to wear a bandage and Kennex profusely apologizing. The guys have mastered their dry humor in just ten short episodes and Dorian pouting about his ear is pretty damn funny.

By episodes end, Kennex has a meeting with an Internal Affairs officer that questions his misremembering of the incident surrounding his injury. Like most IA guys are played on TV, he gets under Kennex' skin making him doubt himself and his memories. Upon arriving home, a friend at the department calls to tell Kennex that there has been a bug in place and that someone has been listening to him in his apartment. Whoa! As I mentioned earlier, the tech in the episode is very clever and very relevant. My favorite had to be the futuristic Post-It notes that Kennex puts all around his apartment to insure remembering things fro his accident. There is also a pill box that can hold things but only opens with your programmed DNA. The production design of the show is its own character and it works excellently with its muted blacks and constant gray sky. It is easy to think that this is what 2048 will look like and that is no mean feat to tackle. Overall it was another outstanding chapter in the Almost Human universe and it is definitely worth repeat viewing. The interwebs seem to be abuzz that the program is improving in its ratings in the time slot so I am holding on hope of the announcement of a sophomore season. We'll see...


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CaptAmerica04 2/12/2014 1:58:46 PM

I felt like we didn't get enough explanation about what chromes are, or what makes them so different from normal humans, other than an implied test-tube origin and perhaps a slightly higher I.Q.

Aside from that, I thought this was another solid episode.

I DO keep getting the feeling that Fox is airing the episodes out of order, as the relationship between Dorian and Kennex seems to keep oscillating from accepting and comradely to stand-offish and distrustful.  But of course, Fox would NEVER do something like THAT, right?!  :/



axia777 2/12/2014 3:21:18 PM

Damn I hope to the Gods of Geekdome that this show does not get cancled.  It is so awesome!

ysidoro1701 2/12/2014 5:46:26 PM

This so far was one of my least favorite episodes.  The reason being is that it felt way out of sequence. The IA portion and his ptsd felt like they popped back up out of nowhere and would have felt more appriate in an earlier episode.  I would have to give this episode a B-.

TheSilentKiller 2/12/2014 6:05:23 PM

 Im with you Ysidoro. this one just didn't hold my attention like last week



makabriel 2/12/2014 6:46:52 PM

 Yeah, it's out of order, which kind of annoys me cause I'm a continuityfreak.  Look it up online CAUSE I CAN"T LINK HERE.. *grumble*



makabriel 2/12/2014 7:02:45 PM

 he sci-fi drama has already broken one of the sacred ‘rules’ of serialized TV by airing episodes out of their originally intended sequence. As you can see from the bulleted list below, Episode 2 was supposed to be the fifth episode; Episode 3 the sixth, and so on:

1.01 Pilot (#1.01)
1.02 “Skin”- (#1.05)
1.03 “Are You Receiving” – (#1.06)
1.04 “The Bends” – (#1.07)
1.05 “Blood Brothers” – (#1.08)
1.06 “Arrhythmia” – (#1.03)
1.07 “Simon Says” – (#1.10)
1.08 “You Are Here” – (#1.02)
1.09 “Unbound” – (#1.09)
1.10 “Perception” – (#1.04)
1.11 “Disrupt” – (#1.11)
1.12 “Beholder” – (#1.12)


Iridan 2/13/2014 5:12:46 AM

Yeah, I thought it seemed out of order too.

I don't know, I didn't care for this one too much. It seemed like there were probably some scenes that were cut. I might have missed it, but I was never quite sure why the first girl died and what the point was of that smug kid that was interviewed. And I'm still not clear regarding the motivation of the killer.

rogue188 2/13/2014 9:10:06 AM

 I like this episode but the out of order airing is driving me crazy.

axia777 2/17/2014 4:12:45 PM

 It looks like Almost Human has been being aried out of f*cking order.

I hate Fox Network so so so much it hurts my mind. I wish all the awesome shows that were developed on Fox were on other better networks. F*ck Fox. I hope they all die and go out of business.

Because of this bullshit on of my new favorite shows is most likely going to be canceled. They f*cked over FireFly in the same damn way. The executives at Fox are stupid fucking dick heads.

Noovtere 2/25/2014 2:58:17 AM

This episode was also screwed up for me because it was clearly out of order.



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