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Star Wars Rebels Clip: Kanaa vs. The Inquisitor (Article) - 10/1/2014 1:14:02 PM

From what i saw so far, this won't be as good as the last show.  Dialoge is laking and just seems more childish.  Here's my gripe though.  Why are the bad guys always ugly?  Wish they'd change that just once.

Still I'll give this a try.

Interstellar Movie - Official Trailer 3 (Article) - 10/1/2014 1:10:16 PM

I wish I was excited as some of you.  I think it will be good, don't get me wrong.  I haven't heard anything about this until now and from what i saw I think it's just going to be a well done interesting movie.  I'm not seeing greatest sci-fi movie of all time in that trailer.  No chills here.

TAKEN 3 - Exclusive Trailer (Article) - 9/30/2014 5:45:54 PM

I loved the first.  Second was fun but nothing like the first.  I'll see another one.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Blu-ray Details (Article) - 9/30/2014 5:43:43 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing this too.

Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review (Article) - 9/30/2014 4:05:03 PM

Mauz, I love her and don't want to see her go, but I agree that her story is getting a little dry.  that said you will get your wish.  She is gone after this season or so they have hinted at.

Retro Con 2014 Cosplayers (Article) - 9/29/2014 1:44:24 PM


Shatner Confirms Star Trek 3 Role! (Article) - 9/29/2014 1:43:50 PM

Interesting.  I like him, but don't need to see him as Kirk anymore.  Still think 2 and 4 are the best films to date, and 6 is really fun too.  I loved the new movies, let's just stick with this captian now.

Doctor Who: The Caretaker Review (Article) - 9/29/2014 1:41:31 PM

This was my least favorite so far.  Still was okay though.

Retro Con 2014 Cosplayers (Article) - 9/28/2014 5:42:53 PM

Some of these were pretty frickin good.  These people have way to much time, and one of them has really big boobs, so thumbs up to her.

Review: Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual (Article) - 9/28/2014 5:41:01 PM

I still have all the original versions of all the books.  I haven't played this in 25 years.  I wonder if any of them are worth any money.  They are all in great shape.


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