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Exodus: Gods and Kings - International Location Featurette (Article) - 9/13/2014 10:28:54 PM

I watched noah today.  I'm not sure what planet that story takes place on.  That was a strange movie to say the least.  Ridley makes great movies, but I'll probably rent this one too.

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer- A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip (Article) - 9/12/2014 3:59:53 PM

I think its sad that even years later the consules still don't look as good as PC games did so long ago.  When consules make first person shooter games as good as Half-life II then I'll buy one.

FIRST LOOK: The Penguin's Mother on Gotham (Article) - 9/12/2014 3:55:54 PM


Doctor Who: Listen CLIP (Article) - 9/12/2014 3:55:13 PM


PREVIEW: SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1 (Article) - 9/11/2014 4:15:23 PM

I want a spider-man x-man movie.  i know it will probably never happen, but wow would that be sweet.

Richard Kiel Has Passed (Article) - 9/11/2014 4:13:50 PM

Wow, I loved his Jaws Character as a kid.  Lots of fun.  I loved seeing him in happy gilmore.

New York Comic Con 2014 Marvel Panel Details (Article) - 9/11/2014 4:12:20 PM

Some day I'll need to go to one of these.

Star Wars: Rebels Team Promo (Article) - 9/10/2014 6:11:32 PM

My son and i are looking forward to this, but from what we've seen we think the last cartoon was better.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Second Look at The Vision (Article) - 9/10/2014 6:10:20 PM

Thanks Johnson

NEW Star Wars Episode VII: Cryptic Director Tweet (Article) - 9/10/2014 6:08:45 PM

That was good


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