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Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose Teaser (Article) - 4/8/2014 6:44:37 PM

I enjoyed the last episode.  As usual the women (and girls) have the best story lines.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Behind the Scenes (Article) - 4/3/2014 8:50:54 PM

I swear I saw this video a long time ago.  Anyway I loved the first two x-men movies.  I have faith this will eb awesome.  I honestly feel sorry for anyone who thinks it is going to be like the comics.  Just enjoy this new telling and don't get hung up on that.  It's a new universe dudes.

The Spring of '84: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (Article) - 4/1/2014 8:53:54 PM

This was a great film.

The Spring of '84: Romancing the Stone (Article) - 4/1/2014 8:53:09 PM

Capt you think Danny was annoying, his character's brother was way way worse.  I liked Danny's character much more.

Sneak Preview Agents of SHIELD: End of the Beginning (Article) - 4/1/2014 8:50:02 PM

This was a pretty good episde.

Godzilla - It Can't Be Stopped (Article) - 4/1/2014 8:48:36 PM

momitchell, u made me laugh, and elrushbo I am thinking the same thing

Mania Review: Noah (Article) - 3/31/2014 8:29:03 AM

I have had zero interest in this up till I read this.  Now i have little interest. :)  No I'll rent it for sure.

Mania Box Office Report: Big Flood for Noah (Article) - 3/31/2014 8:24:47 AM

Can't wait to see CAP!

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - Official TV Spot #1 (Article) - 3/31/2014 8:22:17 AM


DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES - Official TV Spot #1 (Article) - 3/31/2014 8:20:58 AM

So who are we supposed to root for?


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