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Doug Pain
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June 3, 2006
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April 1, 2015
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Remember when you lose an argument, you've learned something.  So in a way you're the winner.  Hopefully we'll learn a lot from each other.

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Pengiun Farmer
Favorite Sci-Fi Movie:
Lord of the Rings or Star Wars
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Underworld - if that counts, and Alien/Aliens
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Firefly or TNG, now Heroes and Lost
Favorite Manga, Book, or Graphic Novel:
Lord of the Rings or The Light Bearer or The Pillars of Earth
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Call of Duty 2 and World at War, Guild Wars
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Raiders of the Lost Ark


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Redheaven 6/19/2008 12:32:35 AM
Hey man, I wanted to apologize to you for a comment I made the other day. Ur right I was a little brash and hostile before I read into what u guys were sayin'. It's just after reading negative comments over, and over, and over it gets annoying after a while, and I just reacted too quickly without readin' the full statement, and I see what u guys were sayin'. I'm actually cool peeps, so my fault on that. Take care.
killerville 6/19/2008 1:17:51 PM
Hey brother! Greetings from the Underground Milk-lover's Socialist Union. A glass a day...
joeybaloney 6/20/2008 9:13:55 AM
Thanks for the reply, almost. Glad you enjoy my sense of humor too. Thanks! Yeah, I can get a little loquacious after a few Chivas. Appreciate you taking the time read all that happy crappy. Didn’t bring up the Senate report thing to bash Bush (although I do feel he’s the worst thing to happen to this country since… well… the worst thing). And I don’t hate on people that support him either (‘cept Cheney). It’s all just good, interesting conversation for me and my tongue is firmly planted in cheek during most of it. But anyway, before I digress further, the significance of the report for me in regards to the ET column was this: Yeah the media has reported since the war started that no WMDs were found nor PRE-EXISTING ties to Al Qaeda but they’ve never taken the president to task for it and prior to the war all they did was parrot what the administration was saying during the build up. Since Scott McClellan’s book came out last month all the major network anchors (with the exception of Charles Gibson) and lots of mainstream reporters have come out saying they were pressured not to call bullshit on a lot of things and they (now shamefully) complied, and that a lot of stories were just out right killed because they were counter to the Administration’s message. I’m not Bush bashing here I’m media bashing. All questions on lack of WMD & Al Qaeda ties to The Admin have been met with “We were assuming the intelligence we were getting was accurate†and that was that. This report was an actual investigation (something that doesn’t really occur all that much in journalism nowadays) By the Senate which Looked at Facts and Evidence and Concluded that we were Purposely Misled by Top People in this administration. Top People. A few outlets have mentioned this in passing but no one has dissected what this means or questioned anyone in the Admin about it. All this while Kucinich is trying to get impeachment hearing FOR misleading us. The media will report on his attempts at that and paint him as tilting at windmills. The Senate is ignoring Kucinich & their own report and no one is asking why. So, still talking ET column here, if they are passing on this rather significant & verifiable finding what makes you think they would risk their reputations on something that seems as silly as an alien presence on Earth and a government’s attempt to, for whatever reason, cover it up? The news is bought and paid for in this country long before a reporter starts looking at a story. That’s my take on it anyway. Which, as we know, is ultimately meaningless. Thanks for the dialogue my friend! Damn, even sober I talk too much.
AMiSHPiRATE 8/17/2008 3:05:07 PM
almostsmartenoughtobecalledaretard: "Oh and Magneto is not gay, Hanso. Please don't let those words come out of your mouth again. Make fun of the actor if you want, but not the greatest comic book villain of all time." shape up or get your homophobic rectum off this site, you worthless little puke. seriously, what the fuck, man? It's one thing to call something "gay" or me the amishBUTTpirate, but now you're just coming off as a hateful shit. keep your head in the game.
AMiSHPiRATE 9/29/2008 6:37:44 AM
Wow. That was actually almostunheartfelt, but never the less, it came out with all the sweetness of a King of the Hill episode. It's all cool, chief. No one should ever take forums seriously. If people did, they wouldn't be as interesting. I'm not sure how long this site has been around, but I've been checking it for all my genre (and apparently non-genre, too) news since a couple of years before it switched over to Mania (I kinda liked the named Cinescape more). Didn't sign into the forums until recently when I got pissed off about the article they were paid to post about that gone series.
AMiSHPiRATE 10/5/2008 9:29:58 AM
Wow. Didn't realize it was that old. That's actually pretty cool.
hanso 3/29/2009 4:01:23 PM

Check it my friend:

swisshammer 5/18/2009 9:37:06 AM

Hey, man! Thanks for accepting my friend request! How does one become a Penguin Farmer and where can I sign up?

abiglove 8/14/2012 6:55:56 AM

My name is Abigail
I will be happy if you reply me back with this email;
Because i have something to discuss with you and also send my pictures to you

SarcasticCaveman 12/29/2012 2:50:21 AM

 Just curious, did you end up watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?



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