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ALONE IN THE DARK for Dreamcast goes gold

Update - We messed up

By James Stevenson     August 15, 2001
Source: Infogrames

Thursday, August 16th,

We'd like to clarify this article that we posted last night. The game has NOT shipped. It has only entered manufacturing and will ship later next month. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Wednesday, August 15th,

Infogrames announced today that ALONE IN THE DARK: THE NEW NIGHTMARE for Dreamcast has entered the manufacturing stage.

Infogrames stated in the announcement that the company still hasn't given up on the frail Dreamcast console, and that the game would reach stores soon. The fourth game in the ALONE IN THE DARK series, the THE NEW NIGHTMARE features two playable characters each with different scenarios.

The game has already been released for the Playstation One and is in development for the Playstation 2.


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