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THE SIMPSONS executive producer Al Jean talks Halloween in Springfield

By Scott Collura     October 26, 2001

Fox's favorite clan, The Simpsons
© 2001 Fox

A true SIMPSONS veteran, Al Jean has served in various positions on the show's creative staff since it first debuted back in 1989. In the years since, Jean has been a writer, producer, and executive producer of the mega-success, currently running the show as point man for its 13th (!) season. With such an extensive Springfield resume, it would only seem natural that Jean has had a hand in the development of the much beloved annual Halloween episodes.

"Those started in the second season and the idea was to do a trilogy not unlike the old EC Comics," he says, referring to the classic pulp anthology books of the '50s. "In fact, we even have credits like those EC Comics did - scary names for all the writers. Sometimes the [shows] are satires, like THE SHINING we did, and sometimes they're just sort of original horror stories that we've concocted based on different things that we've seen or read over the years."


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