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Two New STAR TREK Clips (Article) - 4/10/2009 11:19:00 AM

guys (and gals) let me tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I was saw this movie yesterday at a special screening in NYC (for exhibitors) and let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint. the movie is really really good. I was there with a bunch of older guys in suits (well, I guess I'm an older guy too, but I wasn't in a suit) and I had to sit quietly while I watched this awesome movie unspool.

first of all, it's NEVER slow. it's never too talky. and I will not spoil, but with the exception of "a pipe incident" it's a perfect movie.

one of the things that's so good about it is, as the movie unfolds you realize that it goes down a checklist of things you'd either want to see or put in a STAR TREK movie, but it does it totally organically. it never feels forced.

again, I won't spoil (because it would be a crying shame to spoil a movie like this for yourself), all I can say is, if you've been waiting for this one like I was: THE MOVIE IS WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/10/2009 1:37:17 PM

a Fantastic Four "reboot" is a great idea. I'm still kinda getting over WATCHMEN to think straight about this kind of news, but I can say that I think a PERFECT Sue Storm would be the very beautiful JANUARY JONES from the show MAD MEN. anyone who's seen her knows she's got the looks, and the acting chops. as for the rest, gotta let it simmer. but as always, it's SCRIPT SCRIPT SCRIPT first and foremost guys. it starts with the writing. let's see what they come up with.

Final Crisis #7 (Article) - 1/29/2009 7:52:26 AM

well the sad part of this for me is, reading this review is probably the closest I'll get to reading a lick of it. and coming from me, a one time MASSIVELY diverse and ecclectic comics reader that's a big statement. at one point I read it all, loving the both majors and many of the minors. but I tell ya, this one... it just really tried my patience, my stamina and my endurance for such things. first off, I GET all the references. I won't get into it, but I was there for all the important moments in comics over the past 30 years -- and the ones before that, were referenced IN BOOKS during those 30 years. but the references didn't matter. I've read issues 1 thru 6 of this thing and felt EXACTLY as the reviewer did upon finishing each issue: "there, gotten that over with."

well it occurs to me that we shouldn't feel that way, right?

this isn't a history book, and it's not "a stunning, groundbreaking work of art" where we are taken for a ride, our minds blown every step of the way. I totally agree with the sense that Morrison is just being pretentious with this. more so, I feel like he's kind of hiding in it. the idea that "well, you just don't GET IT" if you don't connect to this poorly threaded yarn is somehow OUR FAULT if we don't like it.

I also SEE that he's simply trying too hard. we who know good comics all agree that Alan Moore is and has written the best of the best of comics, and has done so without apologizing for it. but he's done so in process. he's not self-conscious of "how cool it's going to seem", he's constructed great stories, from great premises, and from amazing laterial constructions of thought. Alan Moore also understands the simple. that less is more. that if you want to hang large ideas, you do so from a simple frame. that way, you have a thread, a through point, and an emotional charge that keeps you going -- even if that charge is simple fun.

NONE OF THAT is in FINAL CRISIS. so, no, I don't have any desire to find out how this story resolves, and won't be reading this last book. thanks for the review.

THE DARK KNIGHT's new arch-nemesis: Batman!? (Article) - 11/12/2008 8:11:35 AM

<p>Well this is just about one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.</p> <p>I'll tell ya, that I&nbsp;really thought by reading the title of the article it was leading up to what my prediction always has been for a &quot;Batman Begins/Dark Knight&quot;3. which is that I think Nolan's going to make BATMAN &quot;the villain&quot;&nbsp;of the next movie. I&nbsp;think that it's going to be a sort of &quot;HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT / THE DARK KNIGHT FALLS&quot; plot line for the next movie. where the central character is Batman and his outlaw status and what Bruce Wayne ultimately has to do &quot;to Batman&quot; for the sake of the city.</p> <p>it certainly not above Nolan to bring it back to the main character and conclude the trilogy that way...</p> <p>but of course, none of this has anything to do with the article. I&nbsp;mean, really, a town? in Turkey? can they even... like sue an american studio legally? and worse case, the studio can just choose not to distribute in that country. &quot;screw you turkeys!&quot; sorta thing. (I personally would never. or never say that. but&nbsp;I&nbsp;digress.)</p> <p>also, where were they all those years when Adam West was running around in tights, and Michael Keaton was in black plastic and couldn't turn his head? hell I'd have sued when it got to nipples on the bat-suit, but that's just me.</p> <p>riffing aside, I think this is perposterous. I&nbsp;think this is clearing malicious and trying to cash in on what is now the 2nd highest grossing film of all time. that's it. to say nothing of the fact that so many other legal crimes are committed against Hollywood on an international scale, (huge piracy trade overseas that Hollywood can do little about) so I just don't see some legal way this would ever hold up.</p> <p>but that's just me ranting.</p>

Fox Unveils New Trailer for Whedon's DOLLHOUSE (Article) - 11/6/2008 9:38:30 AM

<p>I'm a HUGE fan of all things Whedon, but I'll be honest, at first, I&nbsp;just couldn't seem to wrap my head around the concept. In all the different descriptions it either seemed too simple, or too complex. Well now it seems tighter. I hope that whatever changes they went through were productive, cause I&nbsp;don't like seeing Joss fail. I want him to win, and I think that we all (genre-lovers) benefit when he's working on something.</p> <p>and of course, DUSHKU only makes it better. I hope it's great.</p>

Will AVENGERS take down HULK? (Article) - 10/21/2008 8:36:21 AM

<p>to essentially film a big budget, live action version of the first half of THE ULTIMATES?</p> <p>hell yes!</p> <p>that comic was &quot;shot&quot; (drawn) in what's being called these days in comics&nbsp; &quot;widescreen&quot;. that was like the best superhero movie directed by John McTiernan (director of the original DIE HARD and PREDATOR) with an unlimited budget and all-star cast.</p> <p>do I think they should give that one a shot? SURE DO. go for it. doesn't matter that the cartoon/animated feature jumped the gun and gave the story away. doesn't matter that it's essentially &quot;been done.&quot; cause it's a GREAT GREAT story, it folds all the characters together, helps us see Captain America's conflict in the modern age, and forces the very different group of people together for a common cause...</p> <p>from there, if they can then bring the sequel to encompass that second half of the first ULTIMATES series... well, then it could be the best of the best. so here's hoping, it's a long way off, but it would be GANGBUSTERS if they could pull it off!!!</p>

Kevin Smith Entering Sci-Fi with Space Comedy (Article) - 10/17/2008 8:37:39 AM

<p>I'm a KS fan as well. my hope is that it's RANGER DANGER AND THE DANGER RANGERS. it's his long talked about dormant script that's supposed to be REALLY FUNNY and ACTION PACKED. the hope of course is that it would really do what Kevin needs: give him a massive blockbuster-esque, GENRE hit. that's what he needs. cause the saddest of sad things is that this super-talented guy still doesn't think of himself as a director or filmmaker worthy. mind boggling to me. it's okay (great even)&nbsp;to be modest, but he's said as much in recent interview. c'mon Kev, chill and get over it. he says that he needs to make something challenging and different first, and he's said that it's his script RED STATE that'll do it. well, it's something that I&nbsp;think we all want to see -- just because it's something that he cares about. but whatever, I just hope it's not FEAR. I just hope that he hasn't gotten comfortable and is afraid to take chances. either way, I'm looking forward to more work from him. I truly hope that his Sci-Fi movie is epic -- even if it's &quot;just a comedy.&quot; I hope he's not afraid to maintain integrity throughout the movie and just nail it. we need a solid ORIGINAL science fiction movie (and dare I&nbsp;say franchise)&nbsp;from someone who's a real lover and appreciator of the genre -- and solidly PROVEN ARTIST -- like Kevin Smith. so he's hoping.</p>

Will fans see Doomsday next week on SMALLVILLE? (Article) - 10/17/2008 8:22:48 AM

<p>I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again: SMALLVILLE is systematically killing my love for SUPERMAN. and I&nbsp;guess I&nbsp;sound like a jerk for saying that cause if I'm so troubled watching it, why not turn away? well, cause I've got love for the character, the concept, the idea. think of it, as a pitch, the idea for SMALLVILLE is SOOO GOOD. &quot;a more real world take on Superboy. it's Superman BEFORE he's Superman, as he's learning and becoming the great hero we know he will be...&quot; etc. but Smallville has fallen so far from that promise, it's almost embarrassing to even compare the real Superman with the Smallville characters and... dare I&nbsp;say, cannon. and this is what kinda bothers me now. like Bryan Singer had said, there are kids who have now grown up watching Smallville -- who only know Superman from Smallville. what's most troubling about this is that those same kids don't have a clue or care when they do &quot;little in jokes&quot; and &quot;winks&quot; regarding comic characters, their history or coming &quot;future&quot;. so when you see that DOOMSDAY will be showing up, and then it's said to appear in the form of Sam Witwer (a great actor) I can't help but feel a resounding &quot;MEH!&quot; the Doomsday run was a very blatant attempt to breathe new life into the character and shake things up (and generate sales) by killing Supes. of course, you can't do such things, and the melodrama and backpeddling required to bring him back only served in overdoing (and in my opinion wrongly changing) his status from being the world's first, and greatest SUPERHERO and turning him to basically SUPERGOD. which sucks. the whole God thing with Superman is always a wrong way to go. this is NOT religion. and going there with that is just bad bad news. it's also kinda irresponsible and shows that those writing the show don't REALLY have a love or care or understanding of comic heroes and Superman (I'm having this same problem with HEROES). still, I watch and I hope that they'll get it right. (why not give him the glasses three years ago when he was having eyesight issues? can't go back on that one.)&nbsp;this Clark will NEVER be Superman, he'll always be SuperClark. but I watch cause I'm curious. I watch cause I'd like to see it handled right. I sure hope that Mark Millar is able to come forth with his long gestating Superman movie project, and I&nbsp;REALLY hope that it kicks as much ass (pun intended) as his other work. cause then we'll see -- like DARK KNIGHT for BATMAN -- how it can and should be done. 'til then...</p>

Goyer on Bat-Rumors: "It's All B.S." (Article) - 10/8/2008 9:16:56 AM

I've said this before, I'll say it again: BATMAN WILL BE THE VILLAIN. meaning, that there will either be a ton of "villains" (Cher & Angelina Jolie as two forms of Catwoman -- the older retired madame ala Dark Knight Returns, and the younger cat-burgular type ala Batman Year One. P.S. Hoffman as Penguin, Depp as Riddler, whatever) but they won't really be the focus. my guess is that Nolan will make this a contained Trilogy. think of it: BATMAN BEGINS (the beginning) THE DARK KNIGHT (the middle) HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT (the end) this is shouted out in the last lines of TDK (homaging to Miller's great Dark Knight Returns) so perhaps Nolan will call it "hunt" but have it also be about how Batman "falls." of course, like any BATMAN story, Batman doesn't go out without a plan, and not unless it's by his hand. so my guess would be that he would end it -- end the story. close the loop, so that if (and when) anyone else wants to follow up with other Batman movies, they WON'T be even remotely in the same universe as the Nolan/Goyer Batmans. I also think, with the mis-handling of the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, and how NONE OF THE STARS, TALENT OR FILMMAKERS were informed or involved, that just tells me that Nolan is not interested because he knows that the studios don't care and want a hit so badly, they'll "eat each other" to get it. so he's gonna end Batman, and in that world, he'll end it with a Bang. Batman will be the "villain" -- while he goes about saving people. and it will likely end with "the world at large" realizing that Batman is JUST, and that he was good, etc., and that he'll probably die (or something similar to the Dark Knight Returns ending.) anyway, that's my guess.

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 10/8/2008 8:43:00 AM

welcome. I'm an everyday reader and an occasional poster. I'm relatively nice myself. interesting you mentioned KICKASS with it's costume, and SUPERMAX -- because I heard that the whole conceit of SUPERMAX was that it's "essentially a Green Arrow movie without him in the costume." I don't have problem with that, and for it to be modern and taken seriously, costumes have to have a purpose (looking cool or fun ain't enough), so they scrapped them altogether so there wouldn't be that extra leap of belief suspension to get into the movie. personally, I like the idea of SUPERMAX, and as long as it doesn't play like an extended episode of SMALLVILLE. (I'm not a Smallville hater, but with how they've been turning in their episodes, it's hard not to be... that show is trying to systematically kill my love for Superman.) KICKASS looks great, and I think it's gonna blow people away. it's a thought out real-world superhero story, and in the hands of Vaughn (who was up for XMEN3 at one point if I'm not mistaken) I think we're in for a treat (though, it's gonna be super-violent). haven't read your other posts (where can I find them?), and look forward to any postings/scoops/rants on the next Bat-movie frankly? I'm thinking that everyone's chasing their tail trying to guess the next Bat-villian. while I'm sure it's gonna be "all of the above" sort of scenario, the real villain will be BATMAN himself. my guess: it'll be called HUNT THE DARK KNIGHT or something like that. and it will involve the fall of batman. makes sense right? Batman BEGINS. Dark Knight (middle), Hunt the Dark Knight (end). it also shouts out the legendary Miller book... and so, I think he'll end Batman (while going out with a bang of course). Bruce will reveal himself as Bats, maybe even in the way he did in the Miller opus. who knows? but yeah, I look forward to reading your thoughts, and ranting about them myself. cheers.


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